Thursday, August 30, 2012

Memeorandum coverage...

certainly appears to be biased.

I know there are bloggers out there who think Memeorandum is the cat's meow.  Being cited in the comment section is supposed to be a badge of honor. 

This morning it became apparent as I scrolled through my Google Reader that a significant number of articles from Memeorandum were from left-wing sites and were slamming Ryan's speech as being factually incorrect.  So, I did what I rarely do, and actually went to the site.

Just about the entire front page was plastered with negative articles touting Ryan as being a liar.  And the "discussion" area linking to other sites was no better.

I'm not one to ignore sites that are left-wing.  I spend a considerable amount of time perusing the worst of the lot and much of that time is spent in the comment section.  It is always wise to know what the enemy is saying.

Even worse, it appears that every time they update their site it splatters my reader with 40 or 50 "new" articles that are just the same old crapola they've had up all day.  This takes up a significant amount of time as I scroll through my Reader.  It may be time to remove Memeorandum from my Reader and consign it to my bookmark page.


Dan Riehl noticed it too:   Media chucks facts to play a game of “factchecker” on Paul Ryan

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