Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let's talk about Gary Johnson and voting our "principles"...

whatever that means.

In the interest of fairness, allow me to post two opposing views on the upcoming election.

There are those, like Bungalow Bill, who demand we vote our principles.  That means not voting for either Obama or Romney because they're two sides of the same coin - or something. 
Yet Republicans think they have some right, a holier than thou attitude, as their own presidential candidate did exactly what Obama did. As well, Republicans don't want to take any responsibility at all in the equation as Obamacare goes back to 1994 when the Heritage Foundation and the Republicans introduced it as an alternative to Hillarycare.

Oh, but it's good theater for the lazy American sheeple who don't want to know the truth about Mitt Romney's brand of socialism.

Since I don't like Democrat socialism, Republican socialism is just as offensive, which is why I invite you to look at Gary Johnson for president.  Bungalow Bill
I like Bungalow Bill and while he makes some good points, I have to stick "with the lesser of two evils" and vote for Romney.  The thing is, Gary Johnson or Ron Paul (insert others as appropriate to your situation) are not going to be elected,  Not now, not ever.  If enough people cast a write-in vote for someone other than Mitt Romney, they are casting a vote for Obama.

There are others, like Hack Wilson, who hold the opposite view and articulate it quite well.  I also like Hack. 
Meanwhile, a few sulking libertarians continue to spout the old worn out and empty lines of "LIBERTY" HOPE and "FREEDOM" CHANGE and that "Ron Paul was the real winner". Ron Paul lost, and so will Gary Johnson and so will any other third party candidate that runs for the next fifty years...if our nation lasts that long. Face reality.  Hack Wilson
 Now Alan Keyes has said that a vote for Romney or Obama is turning our backs on God and if he didn't speak up, he would also be turning his back on God.   I like Alan Keyes, too

Bottom line is this.  Obama needs to have his ass thrown out of the White House. We cannot survive four more years of Obama.  Period, end of story.   The only one in the position to do this is Romney and that for me, is the end of the story.

I live in the real world and in the real world there are lots of opinions.  So who's right?  Beats me. I don't have a direct conduit to God's mind.  Does anyone? 

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