Thursday, August 2, 2012

Let's do a vacuum ad...

because my hubby is soooooo tired of hearing me talk about my new vacuum.

Last week I picked up a Shark Navigator at Costco.  Our entire house has wood floors except for the kitchen and baths which are tile.  My vacuum has been the Shop Vac All Around.  I started to get a bit irked at dragging the thing around and so I checked the reviews on Amazon for the smaller Shark vac and all were excellent.

When I got to Costco to check out the vacs I discovered they didn't have the smaller model.  What they did have was the Navigator.  I bought it!

It's a bagless and allow me to say I was shocked at the amount of crap I sucked up off my wood floor and my one area rug located in hubby's teaching room. 

It came with every tool known to mankind and even swivels like the Dyson (for a heck of a lot less $$$)

 has this nifty little powered attachment for pet hair removal and cleaning upholstery.  My couch and chairs look super spiffy now!

Best $149.00 I've spent in a long time.

Think I'll go vacuum again! 

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