Thursday, August 9, 2012

Is There a War on Women?...

only a fool would believe such a preposterous statement.

Obama dragged out noted drama queen Sandra Fluke to introduce him at his appearance in Colorado.  The bulk of his message is that without him and without Obamacare, women will not be able to obtain abortions, sterilizations, and birth control under a Romney administration.  He calls these measures "health care."  I apparently missed it when pregnancy was declared a "disease."

The fact that women have had access to birth control and abortions for the past 40 or 50 years seems to be lost on the women attending. 

This country is a gazillion dollars in debt to foreign nations, millions upon millions of people are without jobs, food stamp usage has skyrocketed, and all this president can talk about is birth control?  What's worse is these ignorant women soak it up like rain drops from heaven.  Are they really that stupid?

Apparently so.

Caleb Bonham of Revealing Politics interviews women at the Obama/Fluke Colorado event:

These women fail to see the real point here.  Pay for your own birth control like you've been doing since it became available.  Want to kill your baby?  Pay for it yourself because I will not fund your abortion.  And I guarentee you that the majority of people in this country agree with that sentiment.

I can almost forgive the younger women in that video, since they are a product of not only their age, but of a debased education, and an equally debased culture.  But the seemingly well-off older women display the over-riding characteristic of the liberal thinking process.  Notice how, when asked a perfectly logical question which would lead to a perfectly logical conclusion, they're flummoxed?   That's because liberals are people "who haven't thought it through", to quote my husband.  

How else could you possibly come to the conclusion that birth control and abortion would solve hunger?  No, little lady; food solves hunger. And if you had "thought it through", that would also be your conclusion.

Take time now to listen to this homily given by the pastor of St. John the Evangelist Church in St. John, Indiana, Father Sammie Maletta.  It's from back in February and somehow I missed it, but over 800K people have watched it already.  You don't have to be Catholic to understand this important message delivered with passion.  Good for him!


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I shall be off at the Kootenai County Reagan Republican meeting.  

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