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Fuzzy Logic brings us the world's longest and best comment...


I have long been a fan of Fuzzislippers, who blogs at Fuzzy Logic (which is far, far from being Fuzzy), and Fuzzy is a huge fan of Daniel Greenfield, who blogs as Sultan Knish.  Fuzz was over the moon because Mr. Greenfield added her to his blogroll.  So what does this big-mouth do (that would be moi)?  Heads over to her combox and declares her a better writer than Greenfield (although, I think Greenfield is very, very good and my hubby has a man-crush on him.)  I think I said something to the effect of sometimes Greenfield was "over the top" and his message became "clouded."

A few hours later Greenfield drops in on Fuzz and, no doubt, saw my comment.  What do you think my chances of making his blogroll are now?  Sigh...

This is what Fuzzy had to say in response to Will Obama Keep Power by Any Means Necessary?... which linked to an article at American Thinker.   The comments on the article are now over 580, which has probably set some sort of a record at AT.

If you haven't read the article at American Thinker here's the link.   Go on over, we'll wait for you. 

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Are you back?


Onward to Fuzzy's comment:
I said back in '09 that I believed that Obama would never give up power willingly. I understood fully who and what he is and what he's doing, and I feared the worst for America. Since then, however, Americans are starting to get it. So many people, not just obscure bloggers such as myself or tinfoil hat loons tapping away in dark basements, are now willing and able to call Obama not only the radical that he is but also the communist fascist that he is. This is incredibly good news for America. Incredibly good news. So few people knew or understood what Stalin and Hitler were up to (to name but two similar totalitarian dictator types) that they got away with it. With so many people not only aware of what Obama's up to but actively, vocally pushing back, I have every expectation that he and his traitorous horde will be stopped.

They didn't count on so many things. They bought their own press (in both senses of the word, I guess), and they really believed that Americans were not only ready but eager to embrace the communist nightmare vision Obama and his treasonous scum fellows have in store for America. They thought they would have four years of a completely free hand to set up their structures, to put in place their means, to erect a devastating distortion of America. But they didn't have that. Almost immediately, and by their own mistake, the American people got together and said not just no, but Hell NO! The TEA Party caught them completely off-guard. They thought they had us cowed, that screeching RAAAACIST would be enough, that Obama would be teflon in ways that the left only dreamed up and coveted when Reagan was the "teflon president." They thought they had him covered with both the Messiah nonsense and the race card. They thought their union goons and scuzzy occudreg types would be sufficient. That strong-arming Boeing, Gibson, the TEA Parties would make everyone shut up. Heck, it worked so well, you see, for so many others who attempted and accomplished the same thing. They didn't count on the new media, the Andrew Breitbart, the Jim Hoft, the Dana Loesch, the William Jacobson, and they certainly didn't count on every day conservatives, American patriots quickly and fearlessly jumping onto social media and pushing back. Hard.

Do I think they've given up? Oh no. Not even close. Do I think things will get worse before they get better? Oh yes. Do I think they are fully and completely capable of concocting anything and everything, up to and including mass civil unrest and violence? Oh yes. But here's the thing. We know it, and we are committed to resisting, as are vast numbers of current and former military, elected officials from local and state up to the federal government, police forces and other agencies at the state and federal level (or at least enough of them). There are plenty of "bluedog" democrats who are also in positions to help if and when this admin makes a move. All of this makes this moment in history totally different in every conceivable way from previous fascist takeovers. Add to that our Americanness, that special something that sets us apart from the people of other nations--certainly from the defeated, humiliated, desperate Germans and the impoverished, helpless Russians of the 1930's and 1940's, and they don't stand a chance.

No scenario makes sense. Canceling the elections? Not going to happen; elections are state matters, state-controlled, not federal. They can't be cancelled by the president. At least not in red states, and how stupid would Obama have to be to have only red states voting in a presidential election? And no hostile takeover of the United States, from within or without, makes any logistical sense at all. People talk about the UN coming in, and that is one thing that will set off not only patriotic constitutional conservatives but almost every American, including normal Democrats who love America (they still exist out in America, believe it or not). That would spark something that would not be pretty, create a far worse backlash than our own agencies doing it. So people talk about the ATF showing up at people's homes and taking them and their guns into "custody"; the logistics of that make it impossible. Here's what I wrote in response to this scenario on this post over at AT:

"There aren't enough ATF agents, first of all, to pull this off. It
would have to be simultaneously-executed at every gun-owner's home
nationwide. I don't know about your neighborhood, but I can just
imagine what would happen at the first house that bus pulled up to while
armed agents demanded that first neighbor's guns and attempted to force
his family onto a bus. They'd have to lock down every house and every
person in every house for miles around to get away with that. This
isn't the 1930's and '40's; we have the internet, phones . . . all
manner of instant and near-instant communication. Further, if one
worries about the Obama "kill switch" on communications, what on earth
do you think Americans would do if they woke up one day and had no
power, no access to the internet, no phone use? We're also not
dispirited Germans or impoverished Soviets, we're freaking Americans!
The very idea of us shuffling off in our night robes to be taken on our
special vacation trip to the gulag . . . nope, not going to happen.
There's no way that an actual, overt takeover can happen; certainly
not in a way that would make the risk outweigh the objective. America
is enormous, our population dispersed, and our people well and truly
ticked off. Ticked off and well-armed and more organized than many seem
to think. This sort of thing is out of the question; no agency, even
the wild and wacky ATF, would agree to go through with it even if some
"genius" in the WH thought it would be a good idea."

I say all this with one caveat: we HAVE to win in November. Obama has to be routed, the GOP has to have a mandate. Ideally, we'll also keep the House and take the Senate, making everything that needs to be done easier to do. Alas, our chances of the latter got much worse yesterday.

Ugh, sorry to go on and on. You know how wordy I can be :)

See why I love her!!

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These people, like you, are paranoid schizophrenics.