Monday, July 2, 2012

Good Lord in Heaven...

I thought meme's were gone for good. good buddy Redneck tagged me so I will do it to please him.  Isn't that what love is all about?

11 Questions for my friends:

1. Do you cut your sandwiches into squares or triangles?

I cut them into triangles and always eat the pointy side first because everyone knows the curved crusty side is the best.  I always save the best for last. I loathe sandwiches cut into rectangles.  Ruins the taste.

2.  Do you know Beethoven as one of the worlds greatest composers, or as a big dog in a rather ordinary children's movie.

Big dog in a children's movie?  Huh?

3.  What color is your toothbrush? And, is your toothbrush interchangeable with your spouses?  With their full knowledge and consent?

My toothbrush is purple, but could just as easily be another color.  I use a regular toothbrush, a Sonicare brush, floss, and a water pik. Let someone else use my toothbrush?  Ugh!  I don't even let my husband drink out of my glass.

4.  Do you stir your coffee right to left or left to right?  And do you ding your spoon on the edge of the cup until the rest of the family screams blue murder?

Don't stir. Drink it black.

5.  Do you ever wear odd socks?  And if you do, do you always start the day by saying you hope you don't die today?

Don't wear socks except to work outside in the garden.  They match.

6. Is perspicacious part of your vocabulary?

Why no, but in the future it will because it clearly defines who I am.

7.  What was Donatello before he became a world famous Ninja Turtle?

He was an enforcer for the Mafia (and quite good at his job, too)

8.  Does your exercise regime challenge more than your wii controller muscles?  

I occasionally wii outside on the property when I'm a ways away from the house.  Does that count?

9. Do you laugh hysterically at your own jokes?  At confession?

I rarely laugh at my own jokes because I'm more focused on delivery (which I'm very, very good at.)  Usually the priest is laughing at me in confession and questioning his vocation.

10.  What are the names of Donald Duck's nephews?

Huey, Dewey and Louie

11.  And, lastly, for fans of the brilliant Charles Schultz, have you ever had occasion to call any of your children "Pigpen"?

I have no children, but I confess to having called my husband Pigpen.

I won't tag anyone by name.  If you want to do this, be my guest - buuuuut, let us know in the combox.  M'kay?

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