Monday, June 18, 2012

Women bloggers...

at tea time. 

I have much to say (whenever does a little old Italian lady not have much to say?)  My tabs are loaded and I still haven't had time to read the American Thinker articles or answer all the lovely comments about my new header.

  Alas and alack, I must scurry off to the dreaded occasional WalMart foray and then to the fun Dollar Store.

Blogger Impressions

My friend Terry, over at Abbey Roads, posted this painting to give us his impression of women bloggers.  It is not one of Terry's paintings, however, he is a very talented and well known artist in his own right.

The painting is by Mark Ryden.

He also posted his impressions of men bloggers - a must see.  I think he got them both right!  What do you think?

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