Friday, June 8, 2012

Why Walker won...

and, no - it wasn't "outside" money that cinched his recall election.  

After perusing the main lefty sites, I find that to be the major theme.  We all know that isn't true, so lets look at what some of the conservatives have to say.

Hugh Hewitt show transcript:  Mark Steyn's analysis of Democrats and unions in Wisconsin

Capitalist Preservation:  The Dems Wisconsin Spin

Bruce McQuain:   Were Democrats “massively outspent” in Wisconsin?
and  On Wisconsin – the horrific drubbing the unions took, not the fight song. What if anything did the left learn?

Charles Krauthammer:  What Wisconsin Means 

The Right Way:  My Democracy Kicked Your Democracy's A$$

Here's how a union boss acts after the election:

The Blaze:    ‘Tea Bag’ Haters Who Want ‘White Man Rule’: Wis. Union Boss Reacts to Recall at Occupy Rally  (Horrific racist rant by a black union boss.  Video included in case anyone thinks the right is making this up.)

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