Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lawrence O'Donnell, Jr attacks Ann Romny because she likes to ride horses...


Let's see now.  Ann Romney rides horses and participates in dressage to help her symptoms of multiple sclerosis.  She spends her own money to do this.  Lefties think this is a problem.  Michelle Obama uses taxpayer money as her private stash to vacation.  Lefties see no problem.  See the problem?

Camp of the Saints:

The Naked Face Of Leftism: The Depraved Indifference Of Lawrence O’Donnell, Jr.
Over at Newsbusters, Noel Sheppard has the full story on the disgusting and ignorant remarks made by Lawrence O’Donnell, Jr. regarding Ann Romney and the horse therapy she practices in her battle against Multiple Sclerosis. Part of that therapy involves taking part in the sport of Dressage, which the American Heritage Dictionary, Fourth Edition, defines as ‘The guiding of a horse through a series of complex maneuvers by slight movements of the rider’s hands, legs, and weight’ and The OED defines as ‘the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance’ [in the rider].  read the rest
Carol's Blog:

DRESSAGE Is A VERY DIFFICULT Dicipline-Ann Romney GOOD- Lawrence ODonnell-BAD

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