Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's Saturday...

what's going on.

American Thinker:   Socialism, Obama, and America's Future


Obama Lurching Toward Tyranny

as always - be sure and read comments at American Thinker

Obama on Immigration: 

Bungalow Bill:   Arpaio Defies Obama's Illegal Immigration Executive Order

Big Government:   Obama Helps Illegals Compete With Citizens for Jobs

Hack Wilson:   Who needs Congress? Obama legalizes illegal immigrants with stroke of a pen.

Always On Watch:  Obama's Unconstitutional Executive Order

Pundette:  2011: "America is a nation of laws"; 2012: "I didn't ask for an argument" [updated]

Nice Deb:   Paul Ryan: “Obama Clearly One of the Most Divisive Political Figures We’ve Had in Modern History”


Doug Ross:   Oh, My: Survey Says -- 75% of Doctors to Drop Medicare


Left Coast Resistance:  Things I didn't know about labor unions...


Americans for Truth:   Rockford, Illinois’ Debut Homosexual ‘Pridefest’ No Cause for Celebration, Says Local Writer

Les Femmes:   General Mills Goes Gay

Maggie's Notebook:   Another Day, Another Swastika


Reaganite Republican:   CBO: If Debt Continues, US Could Enter 'Permanent Recession' Within a Decade

Conservatives on Fire:    Environmentalism and the United Nations : Obama’s Favorite Weapons of Mass Destruction 


Sipsey Street Exclusive: Investigators discover I.C.E. Report of Investigation on seizure of Fast & Furious weapons in Texas in August 2010 SIGNED BY JAIME ZAPATA!

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