Friday, June 22, 2012

I thought my capacity to be shocked had about reached it's limits...

until I saw a story over at Dan Riehl's blog.

It was bad enough when Obama had a reception for homosexuals in the White House.  Really?  The White House hosts a reception for people who identify themselves by the manner in which they have sex?  When do the rest of us get a reception?

But it's what was allowed to take place in the White House that shocked me.  Photos of homosexuals giving the portrait of Ronald Reagan the finger were allowed to be taken.   Allowed is the only word I can use since it is up to the White House to monitor these things.  

From:  Riehl World View:

Picture And Video: Gay Activist Invited To White House Gives Reagan Portrait The Finger

Allow Michael Voris to back up what I've been saying all along:  There is something really odd (really odd is my way of saying bat-sh*t crazy) about people who self-identify by the manner in which they engage in sex.  It's perverse...

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