Friday, June 22, 2012

Angry White

tells it like it is.

Thanks to Bad Blue for this link to Angry White Dude.

 Have you been to Bad Blue today?

This man being interviewed is not Angry White Dude, but I think AWD agrees with him.  Notice how the interviewer is hemming and hawing over what this guy is saying.  Notice also that the man is very dispassionately stating facts that can't be disputed.   He's not spewing hate or frothing at the mouth.

After watching the video, pop over to AWD and read what he has to say.
Every day brings a new low to America. Everything is upside down and nothing seems to be about truth, justice and the American way anymore. And we’re really sucking as a country. Almost as bad as Europe. But Europe has always had a long history of sucking and hasn’t had anything worth bragging about since Margaret Thatcher. AWD must say, I’m sick to death of politics because of the daily ration of sh*t I have to read coming from corruptocrats. Whoever said we’re led by the party of evil and the party of stupid wins the gold medal for accuracy. But even outside of politics, America is now just plain embarrassing. The truth cannot be spoken anymore. While the enemies of truth spew insulting idiocies that are widely covered in the propaganda news, conservatives who speak reasoned truth are riduled. The true enemies of America are now inside our borders. Hell, it appears after three and a half years they are in the White House!  read the rest

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