Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Obama's money laundering scheme...

bad for us.

H/T Valleetrails via Capitalist Preservation

And here's what Jay Carney had to say about comparing Solyndra to Bain Capital:

Look, there, there, there is the, the difference in that your overall view of what, uh, your responsibilities are as president, and what your view of the economic future is. And, and the president believes, as he’s made clear, that a president’s responsibility is not just to, uh, those who win, but those who, in-- for an example, in a company where, uh, there have been layoffs or a company that has gone bankrupt, that that, you know, we have to, uh, make sure that, uh, those folks have, uh, the means to find other employment, that they have, uh, the ability to train for, uh, other kinds of, uh, work, and that’s part of the overall responsibility the president has.

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