Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Tuesday...

what's going on.

First of all, I am now a proud member of the Rat Bastard Blogging Society headed up by the formidable Jerry Wilson.  Click on the clever widget to the left (of my newly widened page) and it will, through the magic of the linking god, take you to his blog, Goldfish and Clowns.  He is also featured in my Blog of the Day, which my regular readers know will last until I get a hair up my rear patoot at 3am on some sleepless night and decide to change it.  Blog housekeeping is not my thing.

Always On Watch:   Countering Obama

Capitalist Preservation:   The Economic Illiteracy of Barack Obama

The Examiner:  By 2-to-1 Americans are worse off under Obama

Questions and Observations:   US economic policy – point fingers and hope the other guy gets blamed
Religious Liberty in the News: 

Bread Upon the Water:  Liberals are Suckers: Notre Dame Edition

Tenth Crusade:   Catholics Suing Obama

Sancte Peter:   The Catholic Church has declared war on Obamacare. This could spell the end of Obama


Pundette:   Don't let Romney be Romney

Something to think about:

Reaganite Republican:   DHS Insider: Obama, Agency Plan to Stage Fake Presidential Assassination Attempt Bringing Widespread Race Riots, Martial Law, and Cancelled Elections

 In other important news:

Odie, the Woodsterman turns three today.

Happy Blogoversary, Odie

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