Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Monday...

and I have nothing to say.

However, Reaganite Republican has lots to say about free stuff.  We're heading off to Costco, where the "stuff" isn't free.  We actually have to pay for it with money we've earned by working hard. 

Obammunist Conundrum: No More Free Stuff

In case you missed it:

Obama Meets His Nemesis  Read the comments.  They're excellent. 

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France goes full bore Socialist...

 So the French vote in a socialist.  And we are surprised, why? 

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Here's what I find disturbing.  Anyone perusing what I call the "girlie blogs", which is the designation I've given to the decor and lifestyle blogs, and not a reference to undressed women, will immediately be inundated with all things French.

 Most of these ladies have a lust for the French lifestyle that is nothing if not romanticized.   For them, the French represent all that is good in the world.  The French ladies are thinner, more chic, and decorate with a certain "je nais se quoi" that we are incapable of pulling off.  The very fact that they would use a term like je nais se quoi even says a lot about them.

They think the French  lifestyle is more cosmopolitan, and that their habit of shopping every day is to be desired; never mind the reason they do this is because they live in an apartment the size of a walk-in-closet equipped with a refrigerator that would make the average dorm room fridge appear large. 

I remember one blogger in particular who decided she was going to keep a "French pantry" - which translates to "empty."  She was going to visit the grocery store, if not every day, then at least every other day.  So French and chic!  I laughed and wondered how that was going to work.  It lasted about one week before she saw the wisdom of our American ways.  

I wonder how easy it would be to convince these women that the French way of life should become our way of life, including their socialist ways?  I'm thinking...pretty easy. 

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