Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Catholic vote...

will it make a difference in the election?

The average Catholic is so poorly catechized, and so steeped in Marxist "social justice" garbage, that voting for a man who is completely in favor of abortion does not even make their outrage meter wiggle. 

The bishops have taken a stand against the contraception mandate.  All well and good, except they then schizophrenically turn around and lambast Paul Ryan's budget because they think it "hurts poor people", or some darn thing. 

With the exception of those who pay attention to what is going on, which is few to none, we wonder why Catholics are confused?  On the other hand, few to none of the the general population pay any attention to what's going on either.  You see, just because we are involved in the political process (over involved to the detriment of our mental health?), the majority of Americans wander around pecking at their little screens and walking unawares into traffic.

While I generally agree with most everything Michael Voris says, and indeed, 90% of what he says in this video is correct, it sort of runs off the rails when he says the bishops need to quit fighting the HHS contraceptive battle on the grounds of religious liberty, but instead use the concept of natural law as a means of winning the argument.  Well (IMO), that bird has a broken wing.

First of all, the average person has no concept of what natural law even is, and secondly, you're having a battle with committed Marxists who don't recognize natural law - at least in the Catholic sense of natural law.  Natural law over the entire span of man, has garnered so many different definitions that it would soon devolve into an argument over what natural law even is.

Here's what I think is really going on.  Remember, this is just my opinion.  I think the bishops are counting on Obamacare being struck down by the Supremes as unconstitutional, either in part or whole, at which time the mandates become meaningless.  Voila, they look like heroes for standing up for religious freedom. 

The real question is, why is the federal government mandating to a private business what they shall pay for or provide?  Of course, the insurance company is not paying for it as I've actually heard some lefties say.  The customer, that would be you and me, will be paying for it in the form of higher premiums.  And next will be the mandate for free abortions under the guise of "women's health."   You can absolutely count on it.



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