Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's wrong with socialism?...

it might be easier to answer, "What's right with socialism?"

The Western Free Press interviews Zina Brodovsky, a naturalized US citizen who lived under the Soviet socialism and communism in the former USSR.

Contrast her attitude and demeanor with the whining over-indulged pathetic loser occupests who are literally defecating on the country this woman cherishes.

From WFP:
This interview is broken into three chapters, each less than 15 minutes.  All three chapters have valuable insights, delivered from the heart, but I especially recommend the third chapter, where Zina delivers a message to her fellow Americans, many of whom have come to take America’s freedoms for granted. See also the post at this link where Zina addresses a Tea Party Rally with her presentation “Do You See What I See?”.
So all you social justice spoiled yuppie types sitting around some chi-chi coffee house drinking your over-priced soy lattes while demanding "free" stuff and congratulating each other on how superior you are, listen to the truth.  When you get what you think you want, you will be the first to be turned into fertilizer so the elites will have lots of healthy veggies to eat. 

I have nothing but contempt for you...

You dishonor the legacy of every immigrant who came to this country, worked hard, raised families, and made this country what it is. 


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