Thursday, April 12, 2012

People are not labels...

really?  Really?!

The other day I was tooling around Facebook, and came upon a local homosexual fellow who posted the following picture and declared his love for the sentiment expressed.

What I found particularly odd was the fact that the above was expressed on a label.  So by my reckoning, if labels are for clothes, why are these three groups wearing labels to begin with? And how did they get those labels?  The homosexual in question was never known to me as a homosexual until he announced it to the world on his Facebook page.  Of course, a black person doesn't have to announce his "blackness", but nevertheless will often take great pains to declare himself a person who is "proud" of his blackness.  At the same time, he will claim, as those in other groups do, a victim status and a desire to not be labeled.  We'll leave the discussion of Muslims for another time.

Couple that with the fact that most of the members in the above groups are the most vocal about who they are.  Just about every major city in the country hosts "gay pride" parades and days of festivities to celebrate their unique status.  They cavort and preen over the fact that they have sex with members of the human race that resemble them in all ways. 

Can you imagine the uproar if "hetero-pride" days started popping up in major cities?  Considering the "all blacks are victims" climate in this country, we won't even explore the concept of a "white pride" month, who are getting more than their fair share of labels; with "racist" topping the charts. 

Back to our local homosexual who takes every opportunity he can to declare his sexual exploits.  Because when you declare your homosexuality, that is exactly what you doing.  He's saying to the world, "I have sex with another guy and want you to think it's really, really cool, but I don't want you to label me."

Since you have labeled yourself but don't want me to label you, and you refuse to see the absurdity of what you have said, how about I give you a new label?

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