Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's Saturday...

and the sun is shining. 

Obama continues his "tax the rich" rant across the nation while his secret service agents are spending their per diem for hookers and booze, which is probably way more fun than paying Biden rent to stay in his cottage (what a cheap ass dolt!)   And we really need those extra few dollars from the rich so this administration can spend over 200K dollars to move a bush.  And how about those hard partying GSA folks?  God bless 'em.  We wouldn't want them to not have some fun at our expense.  Pigs!

And how much did this cost us?:   This is how the government preps, you amateurs!

Are people finally catching on??:    Obama Has Been Under 50% Approval For 32 Months

I'm jealous!  Always on Watch got something beautiful  made by our very own Mrs. Woodsterman, wife to the equally talented Odie, who has made it his life work to keep us cheered up, when he isn't making beautiful things out of wood.  Between the two of them - all my favorite bases are covered:  boxes, pens, and purses. 

One of the things I like to do to stir up the left is hit our local Kootenai County Democrat page on Facebook.  When they print something really stupid (like the republicans are trying to take away women's birth control), it's fun to jump in with a few facts.

Here are the rules I follow:

Top 10 Ways to School Your Leftist Friends on Facebook

More really good stuff:

Conservatives on Fire:   Populism in America? 

Camp of the Saints:   Leftism Will Tear Us Apart, Again

TL in Exile:    If The Darkness Descends

To cheer you up:

Theo Spark:  Cartoon Roundup 

My tires are back from the tire shop and re-installed on my lawn tractor and I'm headed to Ace for a new tank sprayer.  My top three favorite things to do on the property (all of which provide me with lots of thinking time) are pruning trees, spraying RoundUp, and tearing around the property on my racy lawn tractor mowing the lawn.  As soon as I mow, I'll be spraying.  Two out of three makes for a very good day, indeed! 

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