Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dick Clark and dancing with the refrigerator...

every afternoon.

Every day when I got home from school I watched American Bandstand.  This was in the 1950's, way before the time of most of my readers.  My good friend Terry, who blogs at Abbey Roads,  reminded me of  Justine Carrelli and Bob Clayton, two of the most popular dancers on American Bandstand during the 1950's.

I wanted to dance just like Justine. I wanted to be just like Justine.  Problem was - I had no one to dance with, so I danced with the refrigerator.  I tied a scarf to the handle of the refrigerator and it became my dance partner.   Day after day I danced with the refrigerator.  In my twenties I became a professional ballroom dancer.  I never thanked our refrigerator.  Let me publicly and with great humility say that without that dang refrigerator my dance career would have never happened.

Justine and Bob

Justine and Bob in 2007

They still have the moves...

The 50's

And, yes - I had a poodle skirt

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