Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What's wrong with our country?...

you need look no further than this travesty in Rhode Island:

From the Blaze: 

It’s official. The prayer mural that caused so much controversy among atheists and people of faith has been taken down from the auditorium at Cranston High School West in Cranston, Rhode Island. In January, U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Lagueux sided with 16-year-old Jessica Ahlquist, an atheist, in agreeing that the banner should be removed. read the rest

In what kind of a world do we live in that a 16 year old girl, no doubt pushed by her insane parents, can disrupt a school and cost taxpayers untold hundreds of thousands of dollars and end up forcing the majority to do her bidding? 

This little squid of a person took to Twitter to brag about her big win.  The "prayer" suggests that kids be nice to each other and their teachers, play fair, act happy, grow morally and physically, and conduct themselves in such a way as to bring honor to the high school.

Well, guess what, Ms Ahlquist?  Now that the kids of Cranston don't have to do those things anymore, and since you obviously don't think those behaviors are important,  I guess your complaining about being ostracized is well deserved and well within the parameters that you yourself have set.

You see, it works this way; you found the "prayer" offensive?  Well, the the other students of Cranston found you offensive and are treating you the way you deserve to be treated.  What goes around, comes around. 

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