Wednesday, March 28, 2012

If ObamaCare goes down in flames would Romney (if elected) "replace" it...

or make the necessary changes to lower the cost of insurance?

I believe Romney will try to replace it with something similar.  Does that mean I won't vote for him if he's the nominee?  Hell, no.  I'll vote for an empty tuna fish can before voting for the commie-in-chief that is destroying our country one czar and executive order at a time.

Just remember one thing.  The majority of the country hates ObamaCare, and Romney lives life with a wet finger up in the air testing the wind.  The republicans will probably capture the Senate.  With enough public pressure we can, in all probability, exert some real control over Romney. 

Also remember: if Obama is re-elected, our country will no doubt suffer  irreparable damage.  Democrats have one goal for the health insurance business, and that is a government-controlled single payer system.

Just last week, HHS, under the direction of Ms Sebelius, refused to allow insurance companies in nine states to raise their rates, with my home state of Idaho being one of them.  Here's what's going on.  Government mandates stuff that costs money.  Insurance companies can't raise rates.  Viola - out of business.

Well, heck, you say.  Why not just shop around for a better company with great rates?  You can't.  Government has that tied up. too.  The federal government needs to get out of the health insurance business, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Real Reform Looks Like This

  • Tort reform so the doctors and hospitals are not spending millions and millions per year to try and protect themselves and also putting them in the position of ordering unnecessary tests in order to protect themselves against litigation.
  • Open up the insurance market to real competition.  Imagine having insurance providers vying for your business.
  • Take employers out of the picture.  Allow them to run their business instead of running a mini-me insurance company.  Put the consumer in charge of his own insurance and he may use it more wisely when he discovers it really isn't "free."
  • Stop with the government mandates.  "Free" birth control as a health issue?  Are they nuts? The government creates a problem in order to step in and "solve" the problem they created in the first place. A person should have the ability to buy a completely scaled down catastrophic policy that insures them against a big event.  Break your leg?  Pay for it just like I did when I broke my leg.  And guess what?  It didn't cost much because I went to a walk-in hop-in clinic where they took a few x-rays and stuck me in a boot rather than spending a day in the emergency room of some big expensive hospital.  The cost difference was about six thousand dollars.


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