Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good advice on fighting the culture wars online...

from Fuzzy Slippers.

[...]I've had a teensy bit of experience venturing into unfriendly waters, and while I gave up on it, I am seriously rethinking giving such tremendous ground simply because it seemed like an uphill battle.  So not Breitbart of me.  But in those endeavors, I did notice that my posts were not dismissed by everyone, that there were people who were actually open to calm, reasoned arguments.  And that's the key to waging successfully a counter-campaign on leftist sites: we have to remain calm, use logic, be reasonable, and never, ever stoop to their level (no matter how tempting it is).  I can't say I never stooped, and maybe that's why I ended up quitting, but I'm renewing my commitment to fight back and to do so outside my comfort zone.  read it all

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