Monday, March 12, 2012

For those of you who were "disappointed" in the Derrick Bell video released by Breitbart...

you may want to read this.

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CNN Seeks To Limit Loss of Credibility By Rewriting History 
By now, the literate world is well aware of CNN’s news anchor, Soledad O’Brien’s public humiliation during her interview with Breitbart’s Pollak. If there was ever a doubt in the mind of anyone but the most dedicated Socialist sycophants of the Main Stream Media being less than an unofficial propaganda bureau for the president, this should have been the deciding factor.

CNN is now in full damage control mode, by trying to cast Derrick Bell, one of America’s foremost racists and former mentor to our president as a great crusader for civil rights in the spirit of Martin Luther King; unfortunately, the truth and facts are ugly and one of our president’s early friends and mentors is a vicious and vile racist who used his dubious academic credentials and a prolific effort of obfuscation to disguise stark racism as an analytical theory on race. In an effort to “Save Face” in the oriental tradition, a writer from CNN, with considerably more ability than O’Brien, has written a 1500 word essay to vindicate O’Brien and to help lessen the public’s impression of CNN and O’Brien being in the tank or should we say cess pool with Obama and willing to do or say anything to promote the Obama agenda. However, it is this essay and its revisionist stance on recent history, that provides the proof of CNN’s complicity with the Obama agenda.  Read the rest and be sure and read the comments

CNN's whitewash article referenced above:   Obama's Harvard law professor challenged U.S. racism


From Breitbart:  Saving Soledad: CNN Writes Selective History of Derrick Bell 

And even more:

 In order to bolster her sadly mistaken opinions on Critical Race Theory, Ms O'Brien invites Dorothy Brown, professor of law at Emory University, to explain why we are all so stupid by essentially laughing at the idea that CRT has anything to do with white supremacy.

Really, Ms Brown??

In 2004 you wrote a paper entitled "Fighting Racism in the Twenty-First Century". Allow me to quote your own article (emphasis mine):
"Although CRT does not employ a single methodology, it seeks to highlight the ways in which the law is not neutral and objective, but designed to support White supremacy and the subordination of people of color. One of CRT's central tenets is the pervasiveness of racism in American society. At its core CRT accepts the notion the even in the twenty-first century if you are a person of color in America, you are the victim of racial subordination." entire article here

(If you're on a reader you must come to blog to see video

At the end of the above tape, Ms O'Brien dismissively says to her audience,
 "Well, he’s not on the receiving end of the crazy tweets that I’ve been getting about critical race theory as well,” O’Brien said. “[C]ritical Race Theory 101, stop tweeting me — we have moved on, people.”

Mighty silly thing to say, Ms O Brien.  This is probably more attention than you've gotten in the last ten years.  Too bad it had to be bad.

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