Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bill Whittle has installed a microphone in my home...

this is exactly what I said at 1:30 this morning when we returned from our caucus.   

My plan? 

We need to all get registered on the lefty sites like Huff and Puff, and batter them with facts.  We do not embrace their tactics of name calling and vitriol.  We pepper them with an unrelenting stream of facts.  We ask them questions to which they will have no coherent answer.

We attend our local meet and greets and ask the hard questions of our elected officials that Andrew Breitbart would ask.  We ask any lefty with whom we come in contact to support each and every outrageous statement they make.


Where did you hear that?

What publication made that statement?

What was the source of that statement?

How do you know that's true?

And when they call you: stupid,  homophobic,  racist,  or right-wing religious nut job, make them back up that statement with facts.

When they try to shut you down by saying, "I don't want to discuss this anymore", be prepared to say, "No, you accused me of something that's not true and I demand you back up your statements."


"No, you made a statement and I asked you a question.  Please answer my question."

We are all Andrew Breitbart now.  We are citizen journalists and we have a powerful voice!

Watch and listen.  Hit reply and watch and listen again...


From Political Clown Parade
(pinched with permission from Curmudgeon  - and we thank her)

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