Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ann Coulter tells us what she thinks of people who make money after a failed run for president...

and we care why?

I am posting this not because I care one whit what Ann Coulter thinks or says.  I'm posting this to simply make snarky comments about women who wave their hands around and make claw-like gestures.  In the olden days, girls attended charm school to learn how to behave like ladies and have credibility when speaking.  We need to revisit that custom.

And while you're in charm school maybe you'll also find out that constantly shoving your lanky hair out of your face is annoying, not to mention a very dirty habit.  

But, as long as I'm here, I have a question for Ann.  Exactly what is your claim to fame that makes anything you say have any more importance than someone who has run for president? 

H/T The Blaze

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