Thursday, October 6, 2011

Occupy Wall Street...

a matter of perspective.

This was posted on YouTube by one of the protesters to show how they are being picked on by the NYPD.  Problem is, anyone with more than two black-eyed peas floating around in their heads would see a bunch of filthy, vulgar, ignorant young people screaming obscenities and ignoring lawful orders to clear the street.  These useful idiots have not given one thought to the ordinary taxpaying citizens of New York who are being hampered in carrying out their daily activities while having to foot the tax burden for the extra police protection.

Notice the headline?   "NYPD drag girl across the street."  She's lucky they didn't drag her skanky self by her hair.  In what world do these people think it is their right to befoul their surroundings with their filthy mouths and actions?  

If you can make it far enough in to this revolting video, notice at about 7:50 in, you'll see police armed with video cameras.  Smart move! 

People are predicting some sort of mega-violence to occur.  Who in heck are they going to have a confrontation with?  Tea party type conservatives?  I don't think so.  In order to fight a war you need two sides, and our side won't be showing up anytime soon.  


Excellent article by Fuzzy Slipper: 

Greed, Revolution, and Stuff



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