Monday, August 15, 2011

Rick Perry...

our next president?

My prediction:

Perry will win the nomination and will win the presidential election. 

In view of that, it would be good to read up on exactly who Rick Perry is.  One of my biggest problems with some bloggers is their willingness to pick up and repeat assertions made by some "high-end" bloggers.  I can remember years ago my dad saying when confronted with the facts of some subject, "I read it in the newspaper so it must be true."  This was after newspapers ceased having any journalistic ethics and started infusing "news" articles with personal opinion.

Now we have a high-end blogger we'll call "A" saying such-and-such about so-and-so.  Within hours, every blog out there is repeating some nonsense when a cursory bit of research would have proven it wrong. Rarely does blogger "A" correct or amend what they have printed.  You see, for some, it is all about the hit counter and they've moved on to bigger and better articles, flinging about whatever they think will boost readership.

Recently, one of those bloggers, with not one bit of background in constitutional law, argued and instructed on the Constitution as pertaining to the "Super Congress."  He was dead wrong on many points and also offered no reliable citations - actually he offered no citations at all, but his readership lapped it all up and considered themselves wiser for the encounter.  This would not have occurred if blogger "A" had made it clear that what he had written was his opinion and not necessarily fact.

We are all entitled to our opinions.  The good Lord knows I have more than my fair share - on everything, and I'm more than willing to ram them down your throat share them with you.  It's the Italian in me.  My opening line every year when teaching religious education at our church was, "I will always tell you when something is my opinion and not church teaching."    I try to keep this rule when writing for this blog.

When one considers themselves to be a conservative, inherent in that approbation is the willingness to be a "thinker", not a "feeler."  If the left wants to operate on feelings, well - let them.  We have to "trust but verify."

Rick Perry 

Which brings me to the point of this whole ramble.  A link to Pesky Truth provided by L.D. Jackson, a "thinker" and proprietor of the blog Political Realities, was illuminating. 

From L.D. at Political Realities:
"As I said, the campaign to smear Rick Perry has been ongoing for several weeks/months. Claims of “he is gay” to claims that he has presided over far too many executions seem to be the norm in effort to make it appear the man from Texas is unfit to be President. I’ll be honest, I am leaning in favor of supporting him myself, although I have yet to finalize my decision. In light of that, I want to share a post from Pesky Truth, where you will find a well-researched post that addresses the negatives that have been circulating about Governor Perry."
From Pesky Truth:

Seventeen (17) things that critics are saying about Rick Perry
"Over the past couple of months Rick Perry has been considering a run for POTUS. As of Thursday, August 11, it looks like the decision has been made and he’s in.
Since he’s been Governor of Texas for over ten years, folks from the other “56 states” are asking Texans what kind of governor he’s been and what we think. I decided that what I “think” isn’t good enough – I could be wrong. So, I decided to do some research on Perry’s record and form a more accurate, fact-based opinion on his qualifications instead of relying on my general perceptions." take the time to read the rest
 and also from Pesky Truth:

Want to know more about Rick Perry?

To prove Pesky Truth's assertions we bring you Paul Begala, at the Daily Beast with his opinion hit piece of Rick Perry:   Rick Perry's Ruthless Drive to Win.  Just about everything Mr. Begala says is carefully refuted with facts from Pesky Truth (IMO)
via Memeorandum.

Presenting the other side of Rick Perry is the republican Mother, a lady in which I have great respect for her willingness to "trust but verify." 

At the end of the following post she has links to her other posts on Rick Perry:

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Zilla said...

Pamela Geller illustrates the problem with Rick Perry in her article at American Thinker, here:
America cannot survive another islamoapologist/appeaser in the WH. We simply cannot.

Anonymous said...

Perry's own words.
Gov. Rick Perry's Remarks to the Border Summit.Nothing like orginal source material.

Quite Rightly said...

Fantastic post, Adrienne.


I didn't know Perry was behind the Trans-Texas (Trans-national) corridor.


That clinches it for me.

Anonymous said...

I don't care much for him, but I'm afraid it will be him. In fact, I will be shocked if it's not him or Romney, and they don't choose Cain as a running mate.

LD Jackson said...

I appreciate the kind words about me and my blog. Really, I do.

I don't want to turn the comments of this post into a pro/con Perry discussion, but I will say this. Please visit Pesky Truth and read the entire post. It is quite long, but it is full of research that explains some of the concerns many are having about Rick Perry.

I am not saying the man is perfect, but suffice it to say, not everything is as it seems.

John Carey said...

Look I'm not sure who I am going to throw my support behind. I will say this though, all the Republican candidates are infinitely better than Obama. Yes we want to pick the most conservative or the one who sees the people as the answer and not the government. No matter who wins the nomination, the end zone is defeating Obama in 2012. This man needs to go period.

republicanmother said...

Thanks for the link, Adrienne. I have done another post addressing Peskytruth's Gardisil point. What most people are missing is that Perry and Obama are playing for the same team of globalists.

He will do nothing to stop Agenda 21 and the offshoring of American jobs and wealth. I think Bunkerville has hit paydirt with that Border Summit speech. Yee-hah!

Adrienne said...

Zilla - I read that but I also read the comments (one of my favorite parts of American Thinker as they appear to have a higher caliber of commenter) and someone had a fairly good rebuttal. I'm reserving judgement...

Adrienne said...

Bunkerville - that was an excellent post and gave us all more to think about. I'd say Perry has some 'splainin to do

Adrienne said...

Quite Rightly - I see both sides of that whole Trans National highway thingy.

Adrienne said...

Trestin - it will be Perry. Didn't I already say that? You dare to question an Italian woman? Be still my beating heart.

I don't think the running mate will be Herman Cain either. Perhaps Ryan??

Adrienne said...

L.D. - you deserve kind words.

I did read the entire article and was very impressed with the level of his research.

And why not a pro/con Perry conversation? It one that needs to be had.

Adrienne said...

John - I'm with you - ABO!!!

Adrienne said...

republican Mom - Bunkerville's post was good and added some extra insight. As I said before "Perry has some 'splainin to do...

Zilla said...

Rick Santorum is still my candidate of choice for as long as he is running, HOWEVER, I will be voting GOP regardless of who is on the top of the ticket, because ABO trumps all. Even if it were Perry, Paul or Romney - that is how badly we need to get Captain WTF out of the Oval Office, but thankfully, we have a whole primary season to try to get the best person for the job on that ABO slot of the GOP ticket.

Lisa said...

Hi Adrienne - thanks for the article. As soon as Perry announced his nomination, I believed it would be either him or Romney.

Thank you for pulling this information together. I live in TX, but find myself learning new things about Perry every day now that he is in the race.