Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blogoversary Alert...

Randy's Round Table celebrates one year - and we congratulate him.

When visiting someone's blog on a regular basis, it is easy to get a sense of who they are.  Since Randy and I have become blogger buddies (he calls me "young lady" - what's not to like about that?), I've gotten to know him. 

So who is Randy?  "Nice" is the word I think best fits Randy.  I know, I know - "nice" is a sort of annoying little word, but I am applying it in the very nicest of ways. 

Randy is the guy down the street who would help you pump out your basement when it flooded, assist you in getting your kitteh out of a tree, or listen quietly while you complained about the clover in your lawn.  He'd pump up your bike tires and help you paint your house.

Now, that's just plain nice! 


Reaganite Independent said...

Great guy, super blog too!

Randy-g said...

Thank you "young lady" for the kind words.