Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The "I forgot to give it a title post" which I guess can be called "the economic meltdown" or something

It has long been my opinion the mess our country is in has taken a century to develop and it won't go away for many decades - and then only if we have people who are determined to make it go away.  Do I think this will happen?  No.

Over at Conservative Hideout, the Classical Liberal has posted:  Blog Focus: U.S. Economic Meltdown
giving us a good run down of the realities we are facing.  
Too many Americans continue to think the problems facing our country can be solved via Democratic or Republican politicians. That somehow, someway, the 545 people responsible for all of U.S. woes, are also the same people we should count on to get us out of the mess. read the rest

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