Wednesday, December 15, 2010

APOCALYPSE NOW? No . . . but Soon Enough

 There is little doubt that we are headed for some very disturbing times in this country, and those who do not prepare are going to be in for some big surprises.  Some sit back and watch the riots in Greece, Italy, and Great Britain and think, "That would never happen here."  Those people need to think again.  It can, and most likely, will happen. The real danger is it won't be the conservative Tea Party types that will rampage.  When was the last time you saw a right-wing group threaten the safety of other citizens and wantonly destroy the property of others? 

We have an administration that is willing to ignore the will of the majority while pursuing their objectives, which are clearly not in the best interests of the country.  The reasons for this have been discussed ad nauseum.  The time for discussion is over, and the time for people to do what is in their best interests is upon us.


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Subvet said...

Very good.

Maybe I'm as wrong as a football bat but it seems with the Tea Party presence during the last election, the passage of Prop. 8 in California, Arizona's refutation of a de facto "open borders" policy, and various other indcators not mentioned (solely for the sake of brevity), we're seeing a resurgence of traditional values in this nation. John & Joan Q. Public are tired of being treated like pinatas at a kid's birthday party, they're getting politically active and having their voices heard.

Its a mistake to believe the rabid true believers who have been pushing for gay "rights", cradle-to-grave care by the nanny state, use of our military as a sociological petri dish, etc. will go quietly into the night. They'll fight tooth and nail. Since this is the group more likely to believe the ends justifies any means, we're apt to see actual combat in our cities when they realize the rule of law fails them.

I said "combat" and not rioting, riots are likely to be spontaneous, ill conceived actions of the moment. What we'll have will be planned and intentional violence.

Exercise your 2nd Amendment rights now, otherwise you may wish you had later.

Subvet said...

I goofed. My original comment was written with another blogger's post in mind. Since your own is concerned with economic Apocolypse more than actual revolution by deranged libs, I'm entirely off base with my remarks.

Sorry about that.

Randy-g said...

I hope you have rested, and gone on your consuming spree young lady....
Thank you for the link my friend.

Adrienne said...

Sub - you didn't goof at all. Your comment makes perfect sense in the context of what I wrote. Economic apocalypse will cause civil unrest. You can count on it...

Adrienne said...

Randy - you keep up with the nice comments and I'm going to have to hunt you down and give you a big hug! ;-)

Reaganite Independent said...

I agree, Subvet's comment was good stuff

Seems we are on the same page on some of this, Adrienne- and much obliged for the link/nod

Richard said...

I also agree with Subvet's comments. We still have many people in this country that understands that slavery is good and women can't ascertain power positions within the Catholic Church. No matter how many people oppose these liberal values, there still is a large majority that understands the minorities will never be equal to whites and women will never be equal to men. The problem with liberal is that they don't read the Bible!

Mark D. said...

Liberalism is fading and what we are seeing is its last gasp. Reality is asserting itself, as it always does, thwarting the utopian dreamers and social engineers who would like to believe that reality is simply a human construct. Well, it isn't, and now amount of government regulation and legislation can make 2+2=5.

Will reality cause social disruption as it asserts is presence after 60 years of increasingly unrealistic social & economic tinkering by the government? Yes, that is inevitable. The only thing that can be done is to try to reduce the shocks as much as possible while transition people away from a dependency mentality to a self-sufficiency mentality. That is the challenge of prudent statesmanship now.

The question is, who in our political class is up to that challenge? Certainly not the current Democratic leadership, who are denial about what is happening and who continue to binge spend at unprecedented levels. The Republicans? Perhaps, but I have to say the trends regarding GOP corruption aren't looking good -- still gorging at the pork-trough, still playing games with spending, etc.

Of course, the longer that our political class tries to avoid the inevitable encounter with reality, the worse that encounter will be...

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

I can't help but wonder if there was rioting in the streets, will the MSM cover it? I mean, unless they are noted as "tea baggers", I don't think it will get a lick of attention. There's nothing the media hates more and that's news that their beloved liberals are defecting.

Blue said...

Great post, Great comments. I know that the future isn't going to be easy, at least not for awhile, but I do believe that we're going to get back on track. I have to believe it. I hope that those who love Liberty are committed to seeing this thing through. :)