Saturday, October 23, 2010

Obama takes time to endorse homosexual "Spirit Day" ...w/ Update See what happens when you don't agree with the leftie thugs of the world

Obama "shocked and saddened" by recent homosexual suicides by youths thinks they should embrace their sexuality as a point of pride.  The fact that the life expectancy of homosexual and bisexual men is as much as 20 years less than non-homosexual men means nothing.  How about the rate of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases from engaging in abnormal behavior?   Another point of pride?

From LifeSite News:
President Barack Obama has issued a message exhorting young people who consider themselves homosexual to "be true to" themselves and recognize their sexual tendencies as "a source of pride, and a source of strength." read the rest
The Blog Prof reminds us:   Irony: Pro-Infanticide Obama "shocked and saddened" by the recent suicides of several young people


Purple Homosexualist 'Spirit Day' Saturates U.S. Schools, Media, Stock Exchange


See what happens when you don't wear purple on "Spirit Day"

From Prayers for the Journey:  Tables Turned

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Charlene said...

I didn't wear purple on spirit day. Really, I just didn't get the memo. Then later I realized that I had worn my lavender bra that day, so I guess I did sort of, though no one saw that fabric but me.

I am proud of our President for standing up for all the citizens and abhor those who find ways to segregate one from another. I am a Christian and when I consider how Jesus would have handled the country today, I know he would not work to divide us. He would not cast out people of different sexual orientation or faith than us. He would lead by good example.

You who think your rights are superior to all others' rights are wrong. We are more alike than we are different and we should work for unity. Love those who are different from you. Help the weak and the poor. Live every day as though it is your last. Do not judge. Do not hate; Love.

In Matthew it says, "Do not be afraid." That is excellent advice.