Monday, October 11, 2010

Obama - our first "jive talking" president sounds like a fool...

What is it with this "jive" talk from the president?  While I am unable to listen to his full speeches due to the irritating cadence of his voice and the fact that he does nothing but spew lies (verifiable), occasionally a sound bite comes across the radio waves.  At times, his screaming sounds like a deranged Hitler and other times like some ghetto black preacher trying to convince the people to buy his brand of elixir. I'm sure the few "fine wine/arugula elitists"  in this country who still support him consider this part of his "coolness" factor.  That's because these "spiritual but not religious" folks are so un-cool themselves.

Two articles caught my eye this morning.  American Thinker brings us The American Left Slides into Psychosis, by J.R. Dunn.  While I disagree with the title, because in order to be a progressive liberal you must be operating at a sub-level of reasoning called psychosis from the get-go, the article is spot on.  I have never met a liberal who, when presented with the facts, does not resort to name calling and, if they know you well, outright saliva-spitting rage.  If they don't know you well, they tend to display an attitude of smug dismissal. 

The other is from Reaganite Republican:  A Failed Presidency on the Brink of Collapse.

Reaganite Republican also garners the coveted:

Quote of the Day Award
Alas, other than "soaring rhetoric" consisting largely of BS, playing the anti-Bush was all this hack Obama ever really had... that and a trendy, exploitable racial heritage. Reaganite Republican
 As always Larwyn's Linx has a fine round of good reads: 

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Reaganite Independent said...

Much O-blidged, Adrienne~

Randy-g said...

If he talks like a fool, and acts like a fool, I will go out on a limb and say it for most of us.....He is a FOOL!!

Adrienne said...

James - you're welcome

Adrienne said...

Randy - ya think?