Monday, August 16, 2010

Let's blame the Baby Boomers, those rotten horrible people that caused all the problems in the entire world...

Terry over at Abbey Roads has (by fiat) a meme going I can really get behind - Stuff I'm Against.

Let's start out with this one:

I'm against the constant insulting of the Baby Boomers.  Technically I'm not a baby boomer because I was born 13 minutes to midnight Dec. 31, 1945.  However, I call that close enough.

Now we're being castigated for not spending enough of our money.

From the Wall Street Journal via Memeorandum

Another Threat to Economy: Boomers Cutting Back

How dare us!  Here's my take on the situation.

The early Boomers were the sons and daughters of the WWII generation.  We were raised with morals and values.  We were taught to work hard.  Working two jobs was not unusual.  We didn't buy houses we couldn't afford, have two or more cars with huge monthly payments, eat out three times a week, or dump our kids in a daycare so both parents could work to pay for the house we couldn't afford, or two or more expensive cars, and eating out all the time.  Shopping was not our favorite pastime and certainly not on Sunday when the stores were closed to observe the Day of the Lord.

We didn't parade around half dressed, glorify sex (as though we had invented it), and peddle smut and violence on TV.  Our children played outside instead of drooling in front of a TV or computer and spoke when spoken to.  We gave up our seats on the trolleys and buses to older folks, and held doors for ladies.  We didn't shoot people the finger or a bullet when we were driving our cars, and homosexuals were something we only whispered about rather than speaking of a "life style" held in high regard.

All you whining post Baby Boomers wouldn't have a pot to piss in if it wasn't for us, and the generations that came before us.  We worked hard for our slice of the pie, and now you want to take my slice and make it your slice.  My advice to you, and in particular to the spoiled, nasty over-paid union workers who are raping this country for what you think you "deserve",  and the hoards of uneducated lazy young people of this country, get out of my face and quit insulting the second greatest generation.  Get your own slice of pie and leave mine alone.

Any questions?


Lola said...

My parents were just before and I'm just under the boomer cut-off.

I think them boomers are just fine.

What I've noticed lately is too much 'blame game'.

If we all saved, spent and lived modestly we'd all be better off. But that would take virtue and that seems to be sorely lacking in most people today. (Me included.)

Subvet said...

Why so diplomatic, just say what you really mean.

Jokes aside, I'm with you 100%. As a bona fide Boomer (born Oct. of 1952) I've never understood why we get slammed left, right and straight up the middle.

Growth of porn in the nation? Hugh Hefner is no Boomer and neither were the fools buying his magazine in the early 50's to mid 60's. WE WERE TOO DAMNED YOUNG! But somebody was keeping him in business, thats for sure.

No prayer in public schools? Madlyn Murray O'Hair was born in 1919. Not one of us and neither were any members of the Supreme Court that sided with her.

Rampant drug use? Dr. Timothy Leary (born 1920) is the one who coined the phrase "Turn on, tune in and drop out". FWIW, we DID carry on the much glorified American tradition of using illegal drugs. After all the anecdotes of how our parents/grandparents defied Prohibition we had some great examples to follow.

Fruits of Vatican II? All the senior clergy of the Church were too old to be amongst the Boomers when those problems kicked into high gear. We may have been represented at the parish level, but not by too many pastors. Once again, our youth worked against us.

Political scoundrels/incompetents? Would that include LBJ, Nixon and Carter? Sorry, too old for us. We'll lay claim to Clinton but only if we're given credit for G.W. Bush. The reverse also applies, if we have to claim Bush than Slick Willie is also one of ours.

This isn't to absolve us of any deserved blame. We continued many of the things already mentioned, we also popularized disco (God have mercy on us for that).

But we've learned a few things.

One example that comes to mind is the highly lauded crop of future priests we often hear of. They didn't drop out of the sky into a seminary, their formative years were more than likely spent being influenced by their parent's example. That would probably include a fair amount of Boomers now in the middle age. Children learn what they live and grow up to live what they've learned.

Sorry for leaping onto the soap box, I'll stop now.

The Lonely Conservative said...

The same issue has an editorial about the big push for a union pension bailout. That's a bit more of a threat to the economy, IMHO!

Sarah Oldham said...

I grew up the way you did, A. I'm striving to raise my children the same way: work hard and honest at whatever you do; be thankful, mind your manners, keep pride in proper perspective; do not think you deserve anything; be humble; be positive; go to MASS and avail yourself to the Sacraments. It's a good way to live. I'm going to be 41 soon - I want you to keep what you worked hard for . . . I'll get my own. That's the way it is supposed to be.