Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Insights from the Com-box and Outrage of the Day

My previous post of the very well done video elicited these two stand out comments.

Emphasis is mine...

From Mark at Ordered Liberty:
I'm reading a book about Ohio Senator Robert Taft's political philosophy right now. Written by Russell Kirk, the book details Taft's efforts to focus the Republican Party during the late 1930's through the 1940's. When it came to Taft's approach and the issues he was responding to, it's very relevant to the current crisis we are in. Same with a good deal of what Reagan talked about back in the day.

The struggles we are in right now aren't new -- they face us every generation. The Left is relentless and determined, and they are fighting the long-game. A defeat here and there doesn't bother them, so long as they steadily move the culture and the polity in the direction they want. So, we have to be prepared for the long-game as well, and keeping in mind the work of men like Taft, Goldwater & Reagan is invaluable in doing just that.
And from Bob at Oldbob44
Chilling is a very good word. Reminds me of my university days 40+ years ago, standing on bus stops on winter nights in subzero cold. I don't have to do it anymore, but my hands and feet will never recover.

Once these people get their chill into the marrow of the bones of our liberties, the damage cannot be undone.

Outrage of the Day

Guess what?  I don't have one.  Now doesn't that just about knock your socks off?  I have a busy day ahead.  It's my haircut and Costco day and I refuse to respond to the myriad of upsetting stories floating about today.  Not even the one about the Weasel in the White House (no disrespect to weasels intended) causing one of the biggest traffic jams in L.A., evah.  I had already read several grass-roots articles about this travesty before finding the above article at Memeorandum.

I will, however, suggest you read The Plantation Nation's latest post, Well, The Headlines Tell It All  
and one from about a week ago, We Are Here: The Pale Blue Dot
While I don't always agree with Uncle Baruch (I mean really - should we ever agree with anyone except Jesus all the time?), I will have to give big kudos for making one think a bit harder about today's world.  

From Joe Newby writing for the Spokane Examiner:   Wanted: Informed voters to help save 234 year old country

Play nice while I'm gone...


Mark D. said...

Wow! Again my comments are elevated to the main page! Thanks so much!

Old Bob said...

Thank you, Adrienne. Very kind of you.