Thursday, August 12, 2010

Houston - We have a mouse...

what I don't have anymore is a printer 'cause the mouse is plugged into the printer port.  My guru handled it over the phone (isn't he smart???) and on Monday he'll pick up my computer to install some new ports, increase the memory, dust out the inside (when I pulled it out from the wall it had an animal growing on the fan outlet - ugh), and tweak everything he can find to tweak.  I love my guru!!

So I check into Google Reader and discover that in just over one day I had over two thousand posts to read.  Yeah - right!  I hit delete.  Emails?  Over 300, which I realize is a drop in the bucket compared to some really important folks.  And to think that this week I was Reaganite Republican's featured blog.  Sure bet I impressed bunches of people with my output of pithy articles.  Not! 

Our road still has a hole the size of New Jersey and the snotty Post Office delivery woman refuses to take the 40 foot detour to deliver our mail as well as to the other three houses on the road.  Our tax dollars at work!  How I mentioned lately how much I loathe the post office?

The entrance to our road...

The hole...

The trench is for the new water line they're laying for a new sub-division a mile away (are there no water lines on the next road over?) so people can get nothing down loans from Frannie and Freddie and default on the mortgage in a year or two.  Didn't we do this once already? 

The detour the lazy over-paid postal woman refuses to use.  Not to mention she stopped just short of shooting one of the cute water company guys the bird...

The Good News...

The water company has decided to do the hook-up from midnight on so we can sleep through the part where the water is turned off which means we don't have to fill the bathtub in order to have water to flush the toilet.  Did I mention the water company guys are really cute?  Ladies - I promise some cute water company guy pictures for you.

My lawn tractor has a nice new coil and is humming right along.  Next to my computer, my lawn tractor is my most beloved possession.   To have my tractor and computer out on the same day was a true test of nerves.

Just when you think things are really annoying, God does something wonderful like this - and we thank Him!

Mind Numbed Robot is also having  Adventures in Computing  
May I suggest everyone invest in Carbonite?  Even my guru thinks it's a smart idea.  

Bob Belvedere, at The Camp of the Saints,  is gearing up for a mega-post on gay marriage.  I will alert you when it is posted.  For today, among many other great posts, he brings us his take on Islam and Ramadam in his post "Ramitdown."

Annnnnnnnnd, Bob also put me on to Smitty at The Other McCain posting of the 10 Commandments for Progressives, which is actually 17 commandments, but who's counting.

The Lonely Conservative is asking for some help from the blogosphere (not money) - just a few key strokes.

In case you missed it:

Nile Gardiner at the UK Telegraph brings us:

The Obama presidency increasingly resembles a modern-day Ancien Régime: extravagant and out of touch with the American people

Mark at Ordered Liberty:

Is Obama's political moment over?

 From Maggie's Notebook:

Jan Brewer Bans Ethnic Solidarity Classes - Bans Classes on Gov't Overthrow, Resentment of Others


The Lonely Conservative said...

Thanks for the link, Adrienne. Hope you get that hole plugged up.

Mark D. said...

Thanks for the link! And thanks for the beautiful photo of the sunset. Wow. That was spectacular.

You know, if you have problems with your USB ports, you can always just buy a multiple port adapter. I got one from BestBuy for around 10 bucks and it turned one USB port on my laptop into four ports! Overall, that doubled my USB ports quite cheaply. I can hook up all sorts of stuff to my laptop now (printer, external monitor, wireless keyboard + wireless mouse, cell phone charging cable, etc.). And it was cheap!

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

And we had a mouse...a dead one, in fact, in the clothes' smelled like a cesspool in the basement for three days; Br. Joseph and I attempted to take apart the drier (handymen, we are not!)...finally, the janitor came, took off the bottom of the drier and voila...dead mouse.
So, I guess, we share "in the sufferings" in some way, some how!LOL!