Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ten Buck Friday On Saturday! And a Huge Thanks to Bob Belvedere of Camp of the Saints and Other Really, Really Important Stuff...

Thinking I was the only forgetful slob of a blogger, my delight knows no bounds for finding out Mr. Belvedere admitted to allowing Ten Buck Friday to slip by until Saturday.  My Catholic guilt is somewhat assuaged and I can return to the land of the living.  Thanks, Bob!

My only excuse is the heat (in the 90's), which I know is nothing compared to the temps back east, but I've discovered a painful truth; when you are nearer in age to 65 than 60, the heat is hotter.  Waaaay hotter.

Details on Ten Buck Friday and this weeks winner at:

Maggie's Notebook  (who I just discovered is a very lovely blond lady)

My best blogger buddy Right Klik (father to the most beautiful baby, evah!) RK also has next weeks nominees posted.

The very handsome Reaganite Republican   has even more details.

What can I say about this?  republican (small r)Mother is so nice she linked to me just because I linked to someone else.  That's what a really nice blogger does when a fellow blogger (moi) is turning out bupkis, doncha know.  Not to be missed is her post on   Repeal It All! - The Definitive List
 For those of you who don't think the Federal Government is out of control, take a gander at her list.  It will cause you to have  a real "read it and weep" moment. 

Kennedy Catherine McCain, daughter of Stacy McCain, was married yesterday.  I'm demanding pictures because I love wedding pictures. 

Smitty, brilliant sidekick and straight man to Stacy, posted a video which pretty much sums up my feelings exactly.  This afternoon I popped on to one of our local TV station sites to get the temperature.  Guess what the top headlines were?

The Audio Rant That Has Tinsel Town Talking; Listen To Gibson Yourself
Meet The Press Exclusive Tomorrow Morning; Gibbs & Roundtable
Lady Gaga Draws Record Crowd; Watch The Video Millions Are Talking About!
Octopus Picks Winner For World Cup!
Cleveland Begins Erasing LeBron James' Big Presence

Following all this very important stuff was a blurb about 6 American deaths in Afghanistan.  DO YOU SEE THE PROBLEM???  We're being constantly manipulated by distractions.  Fed with a steady diet of highly sweetened bull, we've become media diabetics headed straight for a deadly coma.   Who gives a rats-ass if  Mel Gibson calls his girlfriend, mother to his bastard child, a whore.  Lady Gaga?  Ugh!  And honestly, I didn't even know who LeBron James was until a few days ago.

We had better wake up and sooner rather than later...


RightKlik said...

Thank you!

Bob Belvedere said...

You are not alone [but, then, you already knew that].