Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spreading Manure

No, I'm not talking about O-whats-his name, although he has mastered the art of spreading sh*t.  I'm referring to the two dump truck loads of the finest composted manure a person could ever hope to have.  Do you know how much manure that is?  Imagine your 10 x 14 foot living room filled to the ceiling with manure and you'll have an idea of one of my two piles.    Moving that manure to my various gardens has become a full-time job.  I have visions of this continuing until they finally just bury me in the shit stuff.  Handy, quick, and green.

There is so much crazy stuff going on in this country, I am rendered speechless (and when is a little old Italian type lady ever rendered speechless?)   While all you younger bloggers are suitably outrageous, it occurred to me that the few of us who are a bit more advanced in age suffer to a much greater degree.  I'm not downplaying your angst or attempting to make it into a contest, but those of us who are closer to 65 or 70 are able to remember a world that at least had the appearance of sanity.

Oh sure, we had WW II, Korea, and witnessed the civil rights movement up close and personal.  But before the 60's hippies hit the scene, for the most part we lived in a world where people shunned divorce,  thought babies born out of wedlock were a disgrace, kept their mouths shut about the manner in which they engaged in sex, and vile language and derision by our elected officials was kept in the back room where it belonged.  I remember when Lucy and Desi couldn't even be shown on TV in the same bed.   I thought my parents were weird because they had a double bed instead of twin beds.  In those days, pregnant women had their tummies hidden on TV, whereas today, nursing mothers argue for the right to flop their breasts out in public. 

Our "culture" has become course, crude, and just plain ugly.  Little girls dress like hookers, grown men go shopping in T-shirts with vulgar statements emblazoned on their sagging chests,  women appear in public in pajamas, and our first lady attends a state dinner with her breasts "all squished up" as Glenn Beck so delicately said on his show. 

We are fast becoming a nation of weak and vapid people who care more about the biggest loser, when in the real world, we are the biggest loser.  We have lost our sense of beauty and graciousness, and we have lost our sense of God.  Remember that saying, "God doesn't make junk?"  Then tell me why we act like junk? 

The socialistic government the "elites" of this country are busy ramming down our throats depends on such ugliness because socialism is ugly.  By its nature, socialism must have an enemy.  It must pit classes of people against each other.  Why else would the president of this country allow a leader of a foreign nation to stand in front of congress and denigrate America?  Why else would the socialists in congress stand and applaud this travesty?

It is my opinion, based on watching this administration, that we are being maneuvered into more rash and ugly  behavior.  It's a short step from shooting someone the finger from a car, or ramming a shopping cart in a store (something I actually had happen at Costco last week), to taking a swing at someone who offends you. 

Even Dr. Zero, a voice of reason and calm, sounds a bit peeved in his latest article "The Feral Vanguard."
"Increasing levels of coercion are necessary to expand the socialist system, and keep wealth producers trapped within it. To maintain popular support, the socialist needs voters to stay angry at designated class enemies. The Obama style of total government control over private businesses tends to turn feral with frightening speed, because it attempts to preserve the illusion of private enterprise, even as the “entrepreneurs” are enslaved to the total state."
There is going to be a "new world order", but as I've said before, it will not be what the people in charge are envisioning.  This world is too large to control and human nature being what it is, the snakes will soon consume their own tails.   But not before causing untold damage and distress.  The world I see coming will be a smaller world.  We will be reconnected with our neighbor.  Barter in the sense of doing for others what they can't do for themselves will return.  And there will be a spiritual renewal as we turn to God for the answers that the failed government was unable to provide.


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Subvet said...

"I am rendered speechless (and when is a little old Italian type lady ever rendered speechless?)"

Thought that only happened when someone held their hands.

Seriously, you're right about the loss of decency/manners/restraint in this nation. Actually I believe it's worldwide. When I was stationed over in Italy back in 89-91 uncouth Brits & Germans were so common as be considered the norm for their countries. Believe it or not, "Ugly Americans" weren't topping the list of boors.

Just MHO but we Catholics have to start acting the part more. That means being drastically countercultural. An example that comes to mind of the change needed is the latest Miss America T&A Extravaganza. It surprised the batsnot out of me to find drool-dripping comments about the winner coming from supposedly staunch Catholics. The last time I checked, lust is unacceptable and the public expression of it even more so.

We're either a part of the problem or a part of the solution.

Old Bob said...

"Those of us who are closer to 65 or 70 are able to remember a world that at least had the appearance of sanity."

Adrienne, Thank you! This is one of the best posts I've seen on the subject in a long time, if ever. Yes, this society has largely lost its moral underpinnings, and unless we reverse course we are headed for the historical scrap heap. I was at the University of Minnesota from 1962 to 1972, and I know exactly what you're talking about.

Ken & Carol said...

Thanks Adrienne, what you said.

Mark D. said...

First, I have very fond memories of my boyhood days on my family's little farm, spreading cow and chicken manure on pastures after shoveling it out of the barn-area where the cows and chickens did their business. Weird to say, some of my fondest memories are of working with my dad out in the fields spreading nature's fertilizer about.

Second, thanks for the link! Much appreciated!

Third, the loss of basic public decency is one of the surest signs of the decadence not only of our own culture, but of the global culture as well, as Subvet pointed out. And as Subvet pointed out, we all must do a better job of being decent in our own conduct and lives. Countering the degeneracy we see around us is possible, but only if each of us takes our own actions seriously.

I for one, am working to deliberately clean up my language and to make sure that when I appear in public, I am shaven, with a clean, buttoned shirt. Little things.

Adrienne said...

Sub - I agree with you about the "beauty" pageants and people's comments about the women. I have never cared for the concept.

Adrienne said...

Bob - your "letters to a teenager" were wonderful and I linked them.

You like what I wrote because you and I are almost the exact same age.

Be sure and watch the video I'm posting tomorrow.

Adrienne said...

Ken and Carol - your welcome!

Adrienne said...

Mark - whew - I'm glad you told me that. Contemplating the sight of you in a wife-beater T-shirt boggles the imagination. ;-)

Adrienne said...

Oh, and Mark - I adore chicken poop. It is the all time best manure (as long as it's well composted) Once in a great while someone (a few years ago it was WalMart) will get some in that doesn't cost and arm and a leg. I buy as much as I can afford.

Adrienne said...

...and Sub - when I was at the dance studio the other teachers used to make me sit on my hands to shut me up. Really!

Kathy from Kansas said...

Thank you for: 1) Reading my mind! and, 2) Expressing it way better than I could!

Of all the mind-blowing things I've read since the coup happened (and it is a coup), here's an incredible piece I just discovered that I urge you and everyone here to read. The gist is that the utter moral degeneracy we are seeing is absolutely DELIBERATE, it's a carefully planned part of their strategy, and the plan started developing MORE THAN A CENTURY AGO. It's sick, and it's evil, but it all makes sense now:

"The Frankfurt School: Conspiracy to Corrupt," by Timothy Matthews, at Catholic Insight, March 2009,

Now I understand why, even though patriots were able to force the resignation of communists Anita Dunn and Van Jones from the Obama Administration, we STILL have not been able to force out Kevin Jennings, the pedophile-enabler and "queering-the-schools" activist who is, unbelievably, Obama's "Safe Schools Czar." In light of the article linked above, I now see that Van Jones and Anita Dunn were, in the big picture, dispensable, but Kevin Jones is an absolutely key person for the revolutionaries, because their NUMBER ONE goal for more than a century has been to DESTROY THE FAMILY and sexually pervert the children.

Mrsupole said...

Thank you. Loved everything you wrote.

God bless.

Adrienne said...

Kathy - I will read that first thing in the morning. I'm well aware of the Frankfurt School but always wanting to know more. It's just a whole bunch of dots that people are starting to connect.

Adrienne said...

Mrsupole - NO NO NO - thank you for that wonderful video! You're angel...

Adrienne said...

UMMMMMMMM - you're AN angel said...

I thank you for this post which has much of meaning for me.

I think us younger folk can really benefit from the memories of those who recall the pre-1960's era.

I was recently surprised by an account of 1958 Protestant Britain. A public figure apparently caused controversy by endorsing a Family Planning Clinic.

This was not about *eliminating* pregnancies - but *spacing* them. But even in a Protestant country, this was controversial in 1958.

The 1960's brought so much change. I was born then so cannot remember the world before.

Again your memories are most valuable. I would like to hear more. Though I have only just discovered your site - so perhaps there is much more to discover here.

Adrienne said...

Roger - thank you for thanking me. I have been giving thought to more posts on the "old" days. Not because I'm smarter or a better writer but there's not a whole bunch of bloggers that are 64 or older.

I loved for my Mom to tell me stories of her "old" days (the roaring twenties, depression, etc)

MightyMom said...

I just gotta ask.....

when you shovel you use both hands?