Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another Day, Another Crisis in the Theater of the Absurd

Good Saturday morning

Once again the MSM has captured the essence (or should that be odor?) of Obama.  The screaming headline reads Obama: Fresh Crisis Without Financial Rules

Wow - yet another crisis.  Let's all ignore Carter changing banking rules to allow more "lower income" families to purchase homes.  Never mind that these folks had no business buying homes. Then Clinton, when he wasn't busy with cigars, pushed it even further along (no pun intended.)  

And now Obama wants the crooks in Washington to control the banking and Wall Street crooks?  My first laugh of the day in the theater of the absurd we call the USA. 

Meantime, Clinton, who "did not have sex with that woman", is warning us that "the words we use really do matter" , and is worried the tea partiers may start blowing up buildings.  And Barry Soetoro finds us "amusing."


Subvet said...

The real amusment may come in November of 2012.

MightyMom said...

subby, Lord I hope so!