Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Vampire called ObamaCare is still twitching. Quick - more stakes...

According to The Drudge Report, today Obama will announce he plans, against the will of the people, on ramming through some healthcare bill or another.  It's really hard to tell anymore what bill exactly they're talking about and certainly no one has a clue what will be in the final version - which is exactly what Obama and his minions intend.  They are counting on weariness and confusion to carry the ball across the finish line. 

This morning my husband pointed me toward some worthwhile articles, most of which he gleaned from my sidebar of favorite sites.  I keep offering to set up Google Reader for him, but he has made my sidebar his de facto reader - often ignoring what his wife has written in favor of  Doug RossThe Blog Prof, or  Left Coast Rebel. 

American Thinker: The Big Problem With Healthcare is Cost - Not Access
Hugh Hewitt:  Let A Million Amendments Bloom  with thanks to Doug Ross
The Other McCain: Obama Still Trying to ‘Do a Chicago’ in Push for Health-Care Bill

American Spectator:  Obamacare: Still a Threat to Your Life

Not to be missed: 
The Reaganite Republican brings us America's Interrupter -in-Chief.

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