Thursday, March 11, 2010

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Carol's Closet:  Redefining Kindness  My number one link for a reason!
Jewish World Report:  Is Health Care a Right? by Walter Williams  Excellent!
Hack Wilson:  Green Zone: Don't See It
The Other McCain: Progressives Awaken To The Idea That Americans Hate Progressivism by Smitty
Big Government:  If Pelosi has the Votes - Then Why Does the House Need the Slaughter Solution to Pass Obamacare?
Cato@Liberty:  What Is ‘Meaningful’ Health Insurance? Who Decides?’

Am. Spectator:  Didn't I Warn About Alinsky? by Quin Hillyer

The weekend is fast approaching.  Planning steaks?  If you haven't had a chance to check out The Coffee Dry Rub for Steaks - you must.  It's wonderful...

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Mary Ellen said...

Here's a little something to give you some nightmares...

Here's something to give you and your readers a few nightmares...

The following bill was introduced by Zachary Space (D-OH) yesterday, and the text is not yet available. This bill is being slid into committee by a no name congressman who votes 94% of time along party lines. This bill also has NO cosponsors; assumption being ‘maybe they won’t notice’.

I am sure this will probably be worse than just it’s title. Remember Daniel Hannan saying that the National Health Service is the 3rd biggest employer in the world? England has 70 million citizens. We have over 300 million.

H.R. 4799:

To direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services to develop a strategic plan to retrain displaced workers to become health care professionals serving areas with a shortage of such professionals, and for other purposes.

Welcome to Obamacare...need a doctor? No, you get a "displaced worker" instead. Doctors are only for those with the Cadillac insurance. The rest of the poor schmucks with the government plan get the pleasure of seeing Dr.Displaced Worker.