Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This is awful...

DaTechGuy's post, “It’s the right decision for me” led me to a site where a woman is talking about her upcoming abortion.  I took the time to read the comments after reading her post.  Since most of my readers (that's you ;-) share my conservative values, if not my Catholic faith, I'm sure your reaction will be the same.  It is  heartbreaking to see what our secular culture has done to people. 

DaTechguy sums it up well:
Anger and hatred however righteous in this case will achieve very little, but prayer and compassion might. Let’s try it. If God thinks that Angie’s soul is worth the effort, who are we to say otherwise? be sure and read his entire post


Tracy said...

Disgusting!! Jill Stanek had on her blog a twitter page of a young woman who gave blow by blow descriptions of her abortion as she was going through it.. what is this world coming to?

Agnes B. Bullock said...

The nausea I am feeling having read this woman's "story" is overwhelming. To be this cold and calculating, and full of hate (directed at the Catholic Church in a post about a "cute" couple from South America in FLorida for an abortion) is sickening. I feel no compassion for her at all, but for her son and the child she just murdered. Prayer might help her, but reading her blog, and based only on what she herself has written on it, I would tend to doubt it. She is fully in the camp of the culture of death- what else would one think with comments on the age of her abortionist and "needing" younger doctors in this area?

MightyMom said...

my cousin put a picture on facebook. had a woman's bare midriff with

my sexuality
my uterus
my vagina
my morals
my choice

written across it.....
in the comments I said:
you forgot baby.