Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Doug Hoffman

I've been following the NY23 race in which it appears Doug Hoffman, running as an independent, is pulling way ahead in the polls.  Stacy McCain has been doing an exemplary job of tracking and reporting the race.  Today Rush spent quite a bit of time on what's going on and Da Techguy has been all over it, too.

I've always subscribed to what is  Rush's position that to have a third party will just split the vote and guarantee a win for the side you hate, which I guess depends on which side you are on to know which one you  hate (did that make sense?)  On the other hand Glenn Beck backs the idea of a third party.

I still haven't made up my mind but I do know the Hoffman race is important for two reasons.  One - it shows the incumbents that the American people are dead serious about not wanting anymore socialist wannabe's in elected positions.  Two - and most importantly - it shows the American people that the scum bags can be defeated.

Today many more Democrats are making uncomplimentary noises about the health care legislation.  Is it possible they have stuck a wet finger in the air to test which way the wind is blowing?

Left Coast Rebel has this to say:
What is the endgame? Is this not obvious, reader? The endgame is electing conservatives. The endgame is supporting true Obamanation detractors. The endgame is not giving a rat's tooshie about an 'R' by a candidate's name when the 'R' is more 'L' than even the 'D'. Is this so hard to understand? It is within the confines of the prism of integrity. read the whole post


 Michelle Malkin:  Harrycare in trouble: Dems bail, Lieberman supports filibuster

The Blog Prof takes a look at the 60 Minutes special on the governments ability to run anything, including health care.   60 Minutes (!!!) asks "can gov't manage a medical bureaucracy?" after investigating Medicare fraud

As many people, including moi, have said,
"If you're planning on partially funding socialized medicine with the savings from wiping out the billions of fraud taking place now - how about doing that first.  Are we to believe that only by passing a bill guaranteed to bankrupt the country, we can stop the fraud and abuse? How stupid do you think we are?"  Quote is mine. Wanted to see how I looked all squished up in the center of the page. Nice!

 Adrienne dePitera:  Clutter, Tulips, and Linky Love


Mary Ellen said...

Thanks for the info on Reid's health care fiasco. I've been so busy today, there's been no time to listen to the news. I'll have to check out the Obot blogs to see what their reaction is. I'm sure it will be Bush's fault somehow.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Thanks for the link Adrienne, I feel so funny being here in California and beating the drum for this guy! On the other hand this race is so important on so many levels.....

Mrsupole said...

I totally agree that it is their beliefs and how they are voting that should make one's decision for how one votes.

And I hope these elections next week let all sides know that we Americans are not going to take things sitting down anymore.

We are now drinking the tea.

God bless.

PS...I hope you are okay with the e-mails I have been sending you. A few of them I put a lot of work into. The others someone else put a lot of work into. I think sometimes this is the only way we can reach others who do not read blogs, which is more than those that do.