Thursday, September 3, 2009

We are all abused children

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Waiting for the other shoe to drop...

I don't know which is worse, having Obama in Washington wreaking financial havoc on our country and imposing his Marxist agenda, or having him on one of his multitude of vacations dreaming up new mayhem.

We have become a nation of abused children. When things are quiet, we wait in dread of the next announcement from Washington, just as children of alcoholics wait for mom or dad to start drinking and whipping their butts for no reason other than to soothe their drunken rage.

It is a well documented fact that children of alcoholics live in a constant state of heightened stress. Their fight or flight instinct is always on alert waiting for the next horror. It is also well documented that a body squirting out adrenaline like a leaky radiator hose is vulnerable to illness.

I believe a vast majority of the population of the US is living this nightmare now. How many people arise each morning and approach the media outlets with dread? How many productive hours of work are being wasted due to illness caused by anxiety, or just "discussion" about ObamaCare, Cap and Tax, or immigration reform? How many hours of our lives are being flushed down the toilet while we make signs or attend town halls or a rally?

This is one of the unintended consequences of this administration's abuse of the very people that put them in office. We have a narcissistic president who thrusts his presence in our face, makes inflammatory statements, and apologizes around the world for a country that has been a friend to the world. Senators and representatives are no longer working for us, but are only concerned with their own agendas.

We have been labeled racist right-wing extremists and terrorists by an administration that has proven to be the most corrupt ever, while doing their best to impose their Marxist agenda on this country. This administration uses its powers to bus union thugs to town halls to bully and intimidate the citizens. It exhorts federally funded groups such as the National Endowment of the Arts, to design pro-Obama art.

We now have avowed communists and Marxists in high government positions and a steadily increasing number of "czars", who are accountable to no one but their "handlers." We have an administration that continues to state the economy is getting better while unemployment figures say otherwise. This administration nationalized vast areas of our economy, and is now attempting to nationalize our health care.

This blitzkrieg of an assault on this country is exactly what Cloward-Piven Strategy recommends and is being carried out with precision and power. Overwhelming, confusing, and continuing to speak outright lies in the face of facts reminds us of who we are dealing with.

My suggestion to my fellow right-wing extremists is to have a great Labor Day weekend and rest up. Starting on September 8 we will be in the final battle for the soul of this country.

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Austringer said...

Marvelous post, Adrienne. Have a great Labor Day weekend. I still haven't gotten around to sending you an e-mail, but I will because I'd like to order some daylilies and Minnesota is cooling down fast!

Linda said...

Wonderful! So true. I have been trying to study the results of growing up with an alcoholic. And I can so relate this to your post. It is like an epiphany!

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus said...

Adrienne, you are 100% correct! 1st Samuel chapter 8 - this is what the peepul wanted for we have rejected God, and this is what the Prophet Samuel warned us would happen.

Adrienne said...

Ms Austie - you too!

Adrienne said...

Linda - I'm an alcoholic, my Mom was an alcoholic, my Dad was probably a "dry drunk", my husband is an alcoholic, my niece and nephew are alcoholics, and on and on.

That makes me eligible for AA meetings, Alanon meetings, and adult children of alcoholic meetings.

Darn - life is good, doncha know?

Adrienne said...

Ioannes - brb - I have to look up 1st Sam...

Ok - guess that hits the nail on the head!

Or as the priest said at Mass two weeks ago (FSSP) "we got the leader we deseved." Ouch!

Austringer said...

Now, now, Adrienne -- that's MRS. Austie, not "Ms." "Ms. is a fightin' word.

I sic my hawk on those who associate me in any way with modern feminism.

Subvet said...

Children of alcoholics often get to the point of saying, "No more" and they face down their abusers. Sometimes that can get downright interesting (my mother still recalls the night my father invited me "outside" and I took up the offer. He sat there not knowing whether to shit or go blind. End of problems for my favorite sub sailor.)

The elections of 2010 are coming, the townhall meetings continue and John Q. Public is getting tired of being pushed around.

Payback is gonna be a bitch!

Adrienne said...

Mrs. Austie - Well, ok then! Mrs. it is. I can't stand Ms. either but I really couldn't think of an alternative after I found out you were a hawk flying female.

Last time I saw a hawk around here (up close and personal), it was gobbling up my favorte little sparrow. I know, I know, circle of life and all that stuff, but I just wish the circle could be completed out of my eyesight.

I'm still traumatized from the death of Bambi's Mom ...

Adrienne said...

Sub - My first boyfriend, a good Irish Catholic boy, had an alcoholic police officer Dad. I know - sounds almost trite - drunk Irish Catholic police officer, huh?

Anyway, I remember when his Dad got kinda verbally abusive to his Mom one drunken night, and my boyfriend and his two strapping brothers threw Dad in a huge snow bank outside. It was one thing to yell at them - quite another to pick on their saintly Irish Catholic Mom.

My Mom was the alcoholic (my Dad was a verbally abusive dry-drunk), so my bro and I were very, very protective of Mom. Another manifestation of children of alcoholics.

My Mom got into AA when I was about 9 and when I was 16 she finally threw my Dad out. But as Mom always said about him, "he did the best he could." What a woman!