Saturday, June 6, 2009

Black Helicopters and Stacy McCain

Should we be looking for black helicopters?

I'm not real big on conspiracy theories. The thought of organizing some sort of world-wide group of people to act in concert to achieve a goal seems to be a bit far-fetched. If you've ever tried to organize the human animal in any capacity, you have an idea of how difficult this would be.

However (always listen to what comes after however), if you back away from the distractions of the MSM, and really, distractions are all they offer, because their "news" could never be confused with actual news, then a different picture begins to emerge.

As usual this past week, we were being manipulated to focus in on Obama's Cairo speech, a non-happening of empty words emitting from an empty suit. And now the focus is on where the Obamas will dine while in Paris and where the first daughters will shop. Judging by the way they were dressed while visiting the Eiffel Tower, a shopping trip is a good idea. But I digress into snarkiness. Sorry.

So here we all are getting hysterical about this speech while he is releasing his latest "crisis memo to the American people" by way of his weekly address.

"If we do nothing, everyone's health care will be put in jeopardy," Obama said.

"Fixing what's wrong with our health care system is no longer a luxury we hope to achieve — it's a necessity we cannot postpone any longer," said the president.

Meantime, Senator Kennedy is putting forth his "plan" , which is short of details but deemed necessary anyway. Here's what is being reported:

  • Under the legislation, the government would subsidize premiums for people with incomes up to 500 percent of the poverty level ($110,000 for a family of four), and private insurers would have to pay out a specified percentage of their premium revenues in benefits.
  • The new government-run program would pay doctors and hospitals at Medicare rates, plus 10 percent.
  • Under the Kennedy bill, individuals would be subject to financial penalties if they did not have health insurance.
  • Any group health plan or insurance company that provided coverage for children and their parents would have to offer to continue “dependent coverage” for the children through age 26. In effect, young adults could stay on their parents’ policies.
  • Under the bill, the federal government would make grants to the states to establish insurance marketplaces or exchanges. Those entities, known as health benefit gateways, would disseminate information about premiums and benefits and would help people enroll.
  • The new entities would also act as financial intermediaries, receiving subsidy payments from the government and sending the money to insurance companies. The insurance exchanges would also redistribute money among health insurance plans, from those with a large share of healthy subscribers to those with large numbers of sick people.
  • The bill gives no indication of how Mr. Kennedy would pay for his proposals, other than by requiring contributions by individuals and employers.
So here we go again. A crisis, a bill with no details, absolutely no indication of how it is to be paid for, and it will be rammed through while we are being distracted by petty and superficial stuff.

So what about those helicopters? Anyone who believes our current President is anything more than a shill for something bigger going on, is spending way too much time reading the MSM. All the while, few Republicans are willing to speak the truth and when they do, the MSM either doesn't report it or vilifies the messenger.

We are facing the biggest dismantling of a country, its economy and its values, in the shortest amount of time ever, in the history of the world. Granted, the dismantling started many years ago, but it is now moving at warp speed. One man is not capable of accomplishing this by himself. I just may have to start looking for those black helicopters.

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What makes Robert Stacy McCain so Popular?

Don't get me wrong - I like Stacy, I really, really like him. But I've often wondered about his real secret of success. The fact that he used to be a print journalist gives him the ability to spit out copy like some never ending flow of hot stuff from a volcano. And yet, when he wants to do a more serious article, his prose and reasoning is flawless.

After much pondering, I have finally zeroed in on his real secret - it's Smitty!! I'm not even sure who Smitty really is, even though I've tried to find out. But by gosh, every time you log on to his site, The Other McCain, there's Smitty doing the hard labor. It's Smitty who puts together the Full Metal Jacket every week and it's Smitty who fills in when Stace is off hob-nobbing with the literati.

Smitty is the one who makes it possible for Stacy to start a new blog Not Tucker Carlson, which probably got more hits on its first day than I've gotten in the past year. I might add that this new blog is open to submissions as long as they are 300 hundred words or less and have a gazillion links.

The BlogProf will be taking up the challenge and I have no doubt he will make the cut.

As for me:

I need a Smitty...


Ken & Carol said...

Crises 'R Us has had a fire sale going on for sometime now.

RightKlik said...

George Soros resents the implications you are making.

Great post.

Adrienne said...

Ken and Carol - I'm on my way. I need a new crisis to replace the last 10 or 20

RK - George Soros is jealous...

Terry Nelson said...

I'm creating a line of aluminium hats to sell online.

Mark D. said...

I wish that I knew how to become a more notable blogger! McCain certainly seems to have the wizardry to get lots of readers...I couldn't be that he's a better writer than I am? Naaaahhhh!