Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Fun

****Off to Mass at 8am followed by a workout at the gym. Then back to Lowe's for Latex Floor Primer, the missing ingredient for laying our stupid sticky tiles in the kitchen. For heavens sake - hubby and I have put down wood parquet in all three of our homes, meaning the entire house, and here we are stressing about putting down some sticky tiles in the kitchen. Arrrrgh!

*****Went back to ebay and purchased another five Lowe's 10% off coupons from the same nice folks I got the first two from. The coupons ended costing 86 cents apiece and we've already saved about $30.00.

****It used to be a very good idea to stay busy on Friday's because our current President saved his most insulting and egregious garbage for Friday, which is a slow news day. But have you noticed he doesn't give a cr*p anymore when he throws the drivel out??

I wish...

....that not one person graduating from Notre Dame showed up for commencement. NOT ONE!! Oh Lord, wouldn't that make a statement?

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