Thursday, April 23, 2009

Welcome to The Other McCain readers. Browse around and say hi! I love new friends....

Information Overload

*****My mind has hit the wall again. The info (most of it not good) , just keeps up it's relentless pace. At a certain point my ADD brain explodes and I must take a small break. With many things squirreling around in my head, a short period is needed to sort it all out and present my thoughts when they may (hopefully) attain a semblance of order.

****In the meantime, here is some very good reading that I have run across. Father Longenecker's post on modernism, "The Resurrection and Theological Sleight of Hand", is excellent.

****Stacy McCain, who heads up the wonderful blog "The Other McCain", has one of the best posts on marriage and birth control I have read in ages. There is a lot to read and digest, so take your time and do this piece of fine writing the justice it deserves

*****Dad29 , who turns out great posts as though he is getting paid by the word, led me to Stacy. I thank him very much.

Annual Cannonball Awards

*****Nominations being accepted at The Crescat until May 1st. Folks - this is the only award that counts!! There are many categories and blogs may be nominated in more than one category. Head on over and in the words of my best friend, Tony (Soprano), nominate ME (in any category you wish).

******Dear Lola has nominated me in the The Susan Boyle Award, but I'm sure my brilliant readers can find other places to put me (now, now - watch your thinking)

Now off to do some work and attempt to re-file the jumble in my head....


Jennifer said...

Thank you for Stacy's link. I loved her article! What a great blog.

Jennifer said...

Okay, so I think Stacy is a guy. I need not assume someone's gender by their name. tsk.

Robert Stacy McCain said...

It's OK, Jennifer. I've lived with it all my life, like "A Boy Named Sue."

Lola said...

I only suggested you there because of your ability to Surprise!