Friday, November 21, 2008

This is Creepy!

Go to change. gov and check out the blog. Here's an excerpt. Am I the only one who thinks this is very, very, creepy?

Friday, November 21, 2008 05:11pm EST /

President-elect Obama stops by Chicago deli

President-elect Barack Obama visited Manny's Cafeteria and Deli in Chicago today to pick up two cherry pies and three corned beef sandwiches -- including one for himself and one for White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

President-elect Obama ordered his sandwich on rye bread with mustard.

The President-elect visited the Chicago institution with Valerie Jarrett, an Obama-Biden Transition Team co-chair and White House senior adviser. He spent about 15 minutes shaking hands and taking pictures with people in and around the eatery.




belinda said...

Oh ,I wanna share my "Obama dream" with you, from last week.

I dreamt that I was in his car ,and I was sorta forced to go along for the ride. He drove us to his church,(not good).He had to meet with his pastor, then we were back in his car and he takes me to the Illinois State capital building .Then I stand back ,and watch the activity....

Obama gracefully walks into a main room / hall ,then there is am immediate hush ,activity is halted while people whisper, "Obama is here" , everyone stops to stare at him. I spy the pro-lifer workers watching him enter into the main room and they are on my right. Obama enters into a smaller room from the main hall on my left, then he extends his hand to his friends in this office, we hear them say congratulatory words,and they fake that they are excited to see him, but they did realize that they too would now have more power. He told them that he had loose ends to tie up then he closed the door,and plotted plans of deceit. Oh but deep down inside he was hated by them. I wondered "are they feeling betrayed too?" Or is it just jealousy ?

I look at the pro lifers working in their offices ,and I see their lips quivering ,and their eyes welling up with tears,they stood there frozen, and hurt, and all I could think of was the beautiful quiet dignity of a holy people suffering with Christ. Then I woke up ,and thought.

* I am so proud of these people , and know this folks, you didn't suffer alone, nor did you experience this alone. God was there ,and saw everything. Besides God sent other souls to suffer ,and pray with you.

*Belinda doesn't chase dreams or dreamers, this isn't "church approved" so to speak - so it's not worthy of belief. I am not bearing false witness against my neighbor, I am just re-telling my dream.

Elisabeth said...

Honey, when they tell us when he went potty and what he did there, then we'll know we've got serious problems.

Ebeth said...

Ha! Laura, what fun you are!!

Belinda, dreams are signs of deep fears or concerns, so know that what you shared is something we are all concerned about.

Adrienne, Creeps me out, as my 11 year old would say....I'm with you, creepy and I am SO not ready to hear about him and his "fancy" family for the next 4 years!!! ugh!!