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Catholic Carnival

Catholic Carnival

This is my first time hosting Catholic Carnival. Please email me if any of the links are not working. Have fun and visit all these wonderful blogs and let them know you appreciate their participation.

Not in My Neighborhood from Apostolate of the LaityBlog tells us why the love of Jesus is everlasting. One never loses that. Yet if one chooses to send Him away, He will give one the space desired. Sent to us by David Jackson

Soul Pockets (don't you just love that name!!), presents Invite God to The Party posted at Soul Pockets. This lovely lady is a stay at home mom of 4 children and I really enjoyed her blog. Well done, Soul!

Kevin Miller from HMS blog (Heart, Mind, and Strength) sent us Freedom , a reflection on the Mass readings for Sunday 7/6, as they relate to America’s observance of Independence Day weekend. Kevin is Assistant Professor of Theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville and shares this wonderful blog with a group of seriously lettered folks.

Philly Catholic Spirituality drawing from the ongoing series on Catholic spirituality in the Catholic Standard & Times, the Newspaper of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia brings us Imprudent Lights. telling us why electric candles are spiritually unsatisfying substitutes for the real things. Thanks Michelle.

Book Reviews and More sent us Beyond the Valley of Thorns by Patrick Carman A book in the middle of a series that should be great fun to read for the whole family.

Knee High at Just Another Day of Catholic Pondering. Independence Day always makes me look around at the corn fields and think about how high the corn is. Thanks Sarah (Corn seems to be on lots of folks mind this time of year.

Jason presents 1535: Thomas More, the king's good servant but God's first posted at Executed Today.

AdmirableIndia.com presents Bangalore to Mysore on Bike: Day 2: Part 2: St. Philomena?s Church, Shri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens or Mysore Zoo posted at AdmirableIndia.com.

Fred sent us GS: East Coast Summer Vacation 2008 posted at Is It Possible?. A guest post by Sophie who was on vacation in the Adirondacks: The theme of the 2008 Gioventù Studentesca (high school students) East Coast Summer Vacation was: You Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Set You Free. Christopher Bacich led the vacation, and he started out with a question: "Are you free?"

RoseSS presents My Newest Online Store. THOUSANDS of products! posted at Rose's Artistic Impressions. "This article is about my new Catholic Storefront with CafePress...I am also working on a Storefront to raise money to help the poor and homeless. It is in the early stages right now, but I will submit more about that late. God bless. "

RoseSS also sent us Ways to Shelter The Homeless posted at God's Merciful Love. I am working through all the 14 "Works of Mercy" (7 Corporal & 7 Spiritual) and coming up with concrete ways that we can live these out in our day to day lives...I am looking for readers to share their ideas also.

Lyn Francisco presents Organ-ic Chemist: It's Reality TV ... for priests ... posted at Organ-ic Chemist. This post is about the "Prêtres Academy," which is in the style of a reality TV show. It follows the daily lives of three priests in the Diocese of Besançon in France. If done right, I believe this would be a great tool to help encourage vocations to the priesthood. The videos and such are in French, so it might be difficult for non-Francophones to understand.

ChristianPF presents The parable of the talents posted at Christian Money and Finances. This famous parable that Jesus used has a lot to teach us about our money if we let it.

Ignorant Redneck presents Ignorant Redneck Rants: An Open Letter to the American Bishops posted at Ignorant Redneck Rants. To quote IRR, "harsh, but it sums up what bothers me most about being Catholic."

Aggie Catholics (aka - Mary's Aggies)brings us Sally Quinn on Tim Russert, an examination of non-Catholic religion reporter Sally Quinn taking communion at the funeral of Tim Russert and her poor attempt at defending her actions. This is St. Mary's Catholic Center's (at Texas A&M) pastoral team's blog. Marcel LeJeune, a lay Catholic speaker and evangelist, writes for this sharp blog. Check out their Top Ten Questions.

Family Matters

Elena presents How new insurance policies will clash with Catholic teaching for Catholic couples. posted at My Domestic Church. Why the treatment of women in childbirth should be the next social justice issue for American Catholics. I was pretty shocked when I read this and I think you will be too. This sort of thing affects all of society.

Ebeth over at A Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars challenges us to take the quiz Is your home a Catholic Home? Just take the quiz and see how you stack up! (I stacked up pretty darn good!) I particularly like Ebeth cause she sends hugs and I love getting hugs. Thanks Ebeth - hugs to you, too!

Jane Marcoux presents Adoption and Baptism posted at Building the Ark. This is an explanation of the way the sacrament of Baptism is celebrated when in a situation, like international adoption for example, where there is no official record or certainty of Baptism.

Heidi Saxton presents Same-Sex Parenting: A Preferred Alternative? posted at Mommy Monsters Inc.. When you think that hundreds of thousands of American children are languishing in group homes or substandard foster care "ghettos," is it really such a bad thing to allow gay and lesbian couples take them? This article explains why the answer must be an emphatic ... YES.

John presents Father-Son Bonding Time posted at Harrowed Parent. The importance of spending time with your family. A must read for all you Dads out there!

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Jay over at Living Catholicism does a great job keeping Catholic Carnival up and running. This link takes you to the "all about Catholic Carnival" page. Read about it and consider hosting one yourself. I found it to be fun and not near as time consuming as I feared it might be.

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A lovely job, thanks!

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