Thursday, March 11, 2021

I'm not dead...

 although I'm sure there are plenty of people who were wishing for my demise. They'll just have to wait.

I discovered with each passing day, it became easier to not post - not that I had anything much to say.

What is there left to say about the weirdness this country has become?

My deepest sympathies to all of you who are living in radical blue lock-down masked-up states. If the relative freedom of North Idaho (I've never worn a mask) has me depressed and anxious, I can't even begin to imagine how I would fare in a repressive socialist state. 

While I was AWOL our little bathroom was transformed into a gorgeous space with a huge walk in shower, new countertop, new potty, and new flooring. An extra door which opened into the laundry room was removed and replaced with a wall adding to the space in both rooms.

I just finished re-painting the laundry room (except for behind the washer and dryer) and still have a few things to do.

I've seriously contemplating walking away from this blog, but I'm not quite ready to call it quits. 

So who's really responsible for what's going on? 

My conclusion?

I am.

That doesn't mean I went out and rioted, was "racist", or even passed awful bills in Congress.  I certainly am guilty of being a deplorable Trump supporter and a sinner. The left would certainly think supporting Trump was a sin, that is, if they even accepted the fact that there is such a thing as sin. 

Every time I sinned, I tore the fabric of our Christian world and nation just a teeny bit more.

The message is this: Christians are all connected through our baptism and when one sins it hurts all the others. We need to root out our own sins for the betterment of the entire Christian community as well as our country and the world. 

There is no doubt in my mind Christians are in the crosshairs of the communist infiltrators of our country.  Martyrdom is a possibility.  Are you going to be ready?  

Father James Altman, from Let Freedom Ring, had this to say about treason:

...The fact is that we all have been traitors. In fact, we all are traitors, to a greater or lesser extent maybe, but traitors, nonetheless. Every single time we betray the Sacrifice on Calvary...traitor. Ever time we sin, in what we have done and in what we have failed to do...traitor. We betray the Cross of Christ every time we refuse to pick up our crosses and follow Jesus to our own personal Calvary. For today, let us look at what might be the most insidious way we betray Jesus --- in what we have failed to do.

And on secularism he said:

...How do we sin regarding secularism? Simple. We sin every time we support, in word or deed, the big lie of "separation of church and state" according to the secularist model. We sin through any kind of voting for godless agendas. We also commit sins of omission when we fail to make a reasonable effort to be aware of, and fight against, these dark forces which are prevailing in our times. The many, versus the few, sin constantly in their ignorant and uninformed support -- even cowardly support - for the godless left-wing agenda. 

In the video below, PolitiCrossing Founder, motivational speaker and former pastor, Chris Widener talks about how we can “speak the truth in love.” 




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